Day #1 - Here goes nothing...

Oct 25, 2010

Today marks a special occasion. My first venture into the blogging world, and my first day following Tracy Anderson's 30 Day Method I figure what better way to be held accountable than to post my journey for the ENTIRE world to see. I stumbled upon Tracy's book on my weekly bookstore trip (I'm in grad school, and unlike other 20 somethings-thank God I can still call myself 20 something-I spend most my evenings and weekends studying). After perusing and a bit of self dialogue, I decided to give it a try. Like most women, I'm drawn to every magazine, exercise, and diet scheme known to man, but her book struck me as different and boy was I in for a treat. By that evening I'd read the entire book and was convinced this tiny powerhouse knew what she was talking about. I spent the next week taking notes, grocery shopping (big shout out to the poor produce boy who I STALKED for 15 minutes begging for help to find all the ingredients), preparing my workout space, pretty much getting rid of EVERY excuse (all I need is 1 to start the downward spiral) I could muster up come Sunday, October 24, 2010. And was it worth it! When I woke up all I had to do was put on my workout gear and follow Tracy (Just for the record I've never met her, but I've decided we are besties, hence the first name basis), but more on that later.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me back up. The reason I am completing TAM (Tracy Anderson Method for those who ask, "what the hell is TAM"?) is because I'm sick and tired. Sick and tired of trying and failing brilliantly might I add, at exercise fads, diets/weight loss tricks and finally made the choice to get my behind into shape for real, right now, instead of just complaining about it. I consider myself to be in OK shape, I crave a heart pumping spin/zumba/step class, though my actual attendance fluctuates because of my infamous excuses-some weeks I'll go 5 days, others I'll be luckily if I see the inside of a gym, plus I get bored easily on the machines, and don't get me started on food, to which all I can say this; food and I have a 28 year long love affair, so with those toxic ingredients I have never stuck to a diet or exercise plan for long, hence my dilemma. Over the next 30 days I'll be blogging daily about the ups and downs of my journey, hopefully losing my dreaded "truffle shuffle" along the way. So here goes nothing!

Day #1 began great, woke up eager and excited for my new "leaf"and headed to workout, starting with weighing and measuring every inch of my squishiness (dear Lord was that eye opening). Got through the mat work (20 reps) and started the cardio only to find my DVD was defective (not an excuse it really was!), so I immediately hightailed it back to the bookstore, sweaty, yet determined to exchange my book for a new one. Once home I powered through 40 minutes of cardio, though I should have heeded the book's advice and just step touched for the first 3 days, but I was determined to follow Tracy's advice to "push myself" and felt so much better after I did (even though I felt like a fool prancing around). Now I have to admit, after completing my workout I was utterly exhausted and took a nap after lunch, I'm guessing these are the flu symptoms kicking in, but hopefully I garner some extra energy because I'm pretty sure I can't nap at work tomorrow!

Now for the good stuff, food. I'm proud to say the meals were actually very tasty! My favorite is the Chocolate Chestnut pudding, can we say heaven? I will definitely make this again, post 30 days. I ate all the meals and portions as instructed, and wasn't hungry once, which is surprising since I can't look at food and not decide I'm "starving".

Overall day #1 was a success, bring it on day #2!



  1. *gasping for breath* You weren't hungry AT ALL??? Oh my i'm jealous. Oh a question. What chestnut did you use?

  2. lol, I know, I'm still stunned I wasn't starving! I use Minerve Whole Roasted Chestnuts. They are in a jar and I got them from Whole Foods Market. Hope this helps!


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