Day #2 - Wakey Wakey!

Oct 25, 2010

Not only did I wake up forty minutes AFTER I wanted to (my goal is to rise at 4 a.m to get my entire workout in before the day begins), my accessory muscles are now officially "awake", yelling at me something along the lines of, "bitch, you've got to be kidding me." What have I gotten myself into?! I feel like I've be hit with a giant bag of potatoes; doing anything other than walking on flat ground makes me cringe, then ache in places I never knew existed. And since I LIVE in heels, I have a inclining things will get interesting! Since I woke up late I had to split my workout into two parts, so I did mat work before work-25 reps baby!- and suffered through the cardio (40 minutes full out) once I got home. For those that split up their workout, you are my hero. It took every ounce of endurance I had to get through the cardio, and like yesterday, was so glad I pushed myself after it was all said and done.

Bonus, I lost almost a pound (measurements to come every 10 days)! If I forgot to mention I'm 5'2, so every pound on me looks like five, and even though my BMI was in the normal range, I'm just not in the shape I'd like to be in. Back to today, I have never been so happy to step on a scale, and know all the hard-work and achy muscles are so worth it. Although there will be days the scale won't change, I'm so excited it did today! Happy dance, well happy dance in my head, my body is screaming "put me to bed, bitch!" (have I mentioned my body is a SERIOUS trash talker?)

The food day was blah at best. Turkey avocado wrap was OK, though lacked flavor. Lunch was a beautiful disaster. Though the ingredients seemed mismatched, I was pleasantly surprised at how not awful it tasted. I won't comment on the dressing except to say if it smells like a rotten sock dipped in vomit, it's best to skip it, but I tried it anyway :( Snack was a disappointment, and my body of course had something to say about it. "You don't honestly think I'm gonna crunch on this cucumber/edamame mix sprinkled with mint and be satisfied, do you?" I managed to choke down a few bites, mostly because I was starving (I only ate half of the salad for lunch), and partly because I want to try EVERYTHING, regardless if I want to or not (striving to be by the book as possible). Dinner, however, was a delightful treat after a long day. I cooked the turkey breast a bit too long, and bought the wrong raisins (isn't it false advertising to put golden raisins on front, but regular one's inside?), but overall was quite tasty.

Since we are talking about food, let me say this, food prep is a time consuming, and I LOVE to cook! It takes quite a bit of prep to get all the meals prepared for the next day, and I find I'm using twice the dishes, all while attempting to multitask making four meals simultaneously (not smart considering I forgot some ingredients and had to add at them at the last minute), but hopefully that will get easier. I can attest, however, that cooking for the next day is a lifesaver (its a catch 22), now if only I could have a personal chef whip up these creations and they appear before me life would be so much easier, ha, in my dreams. I have to admit that I do not mince and chop everything according to recipe, but other than that, it has all been by the book baby!

Achy, but ready for day #3...



  1. At this rate, you will be at goal in no time. It has to get easier after the first few days.


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