Day #3 - Hot n' Cold

Oct 26, 2010

By some miracle I woke up 15 minutes earlier than yesterday...progress! Stretches today were a welcome starter, making me feel 10x better than the last two days (i.e. less like the tin man, more like the scarecrow). The mat work was a breeze, so went to 30 reps. Now don't let me mislead you, I was BORED out of my mind during mat work today for some reason, the only thing going on at 4 am was a thunderstorm, so I turned on itunes and it really helped wake me up and enjoy even the most tasking exercise (those leg exercises are ridiculous!). After that I started in on the cardio, happy to get my entire workout in before work, only to hit a wall. And not just any wall. It felt like the great wall of China lined with barbed wire, surrounded by a moat of piranhas, and border security saying, "no entry". I was spent! But even worse I was only 20 minutes into my 40 minute cardio, so I decided I'd get more out of, and feel better about a 110% effort (instead of half assing it), so I vowed to do the last 20 minutes after I got home and headed into work early for the first time in months.

Weight - down another half pound (for a total of 1.2 so far), not moving mountains, but seeing a lower number than yesterday makes me smile.

Food - 80% (probably more if I actually calculated) of the food today blew ass in my humble opinion. The breakfast omelet was tasteless, then again the last omelet I had contained the whole egg, butter, cheese, get the picture. I managed 1/2, odd since I was starving, but I could feel my body tense up and say, "you put one more bite in here and I'll vomit, bitch". Lunch was a little better, salmon salad, but let me preface the rest by saying I "like" fish, but only kinds that don't actually look, smell, or taste anything like fish. This was surely a stretch. I modified the recipe so the sheer sight of it would not send me to blow chunks (it was suppose to be pureed-thinking about that makes me ill), instead making more of a layer salad with the salmon filet on top. The dressing had a nice horseradish kick to it, so I found myself eating the salmon (tasted like fish) dipped in the dressing. Snack was blueberry applesauce, super easy to make and really yummy (I'll definitely eat it again). Dinner was, yup, you guessed it, salmon. This time it was marinated in OJ and yacon syrup (I couldn't find this mythical creature and used agave nectar to substitute) with roasted mushrooms. Mushrooms are a different beast for me. I can tolerate them SOMETIMES, but roasted is not one of them (too bad I didn't realize this till after I cooked them), so dinner was an epic fail :(

Here is where the hot n' cold come into the picture. I'm not sure if it is from lack of sleep, caffeine (the baristas @ Starbucks know me by name if that gives you an idea) or a combination of both, but yesterday EVERYONE took a ride on Marcia's emotional roller coaster. Morning was fine, but by early afternoon I was agitated that people actually wanted to hold conversations with me AND expect me to be productive on top of that. The nerve! Did I mention I was at work? Anyway, by the time afternoon rolled around I was falling asleep (literally) at my desk, and wanted nothing more than a steaming cup of mojo from my friends at Starbucks and a pillow.

I had a hair appointment after work, so I brought my dinner with me (I'm quite the Tupperware toting diva these days!). By the time I got home it was after 9 and I still had to get the trash out for pickup, cook all my Day #4 food, study, get in my blog entry for today, and do the last 20 minutes of cardio! Let me tell you once my foot hit the foyer I was a maniac! I buzzed around like a chicken with their head cut off (whoever created that saying is seriously disturbed) got all the trash out and down, started my food, got my bags ready for the next day, did the last 20 minutes of cardio, showered, AND started my blog by 11. Sadly no homework was done (still working on balancing everything), and I have to make my dinner tonight, but considering what little time I had to get enough rest for the next day I kicked ass and took names!

Lastly, I cannot help but squeal with delight that I ACTUALLY have followers! I'm utterly honored that anyone would read my rantings about, and hope it brings a smile to your day.

Show me what you got Day #4!



  1. Oh god, the omelets! I think it's a crime against humanity to have an omelet without cheese.

    Give green tea a go to replace the oxygen (coffee). It's TA approved and at least contains some precious caffeine.

    Great job on turning your day around.


  2. Way to get through Day 3! Thank you for making me giggle. Go get Day 4.

  3. Caroline, Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely give green tea a try, this cold turkey thing is madness!


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