Day #4 - God Bless the broken road...

Oct 28, 2010

This morning I woke up at 6:45...a captain obvious any dreams of working out before work were not going to happen, so I got dressed, making a mental note I needed to get in a workout before I laid my head down to rest tonight.

Weight - I assumed the position on the scale to see that I was down a total of 2 lbs! I was running too late to do a proper "truffle shuffle" happy dance, but I didn't care, I was making progress! Numbers DO go down on my scale, I thought they only functioned going up to taunt me...

Luckily, all my food was prepared the night before in my "kick ass take names" frenzy, so I was in the clear. Breakfast was delightful. I have never been so excited to eat fruit in my life. Oh, how I missed you! Finally, something that doesn't take forever to prepare and I know ahead of time I like how it tastes. It was berry compote, blueberries (they are not in season, thus EXTREMELY overpriced, not cool Tracy), strawberries, and pomegranate seeds. This was my first encounter with the actual fruit, the only way I'd ever had pomegranate was in my martini. Despite being a big, red, juicy disaster to get the darn seeds out, it was a delicious treat. Lunch was chicken protein soup (chicken noodle soup with broccoli instead of noodles), another hit on my taste buds, food was 2-2 today! And then it was all downhill from there...

After lunch I began to feel ill. Like go home, get in bed ill, I'm not sure what it was, but I was on the verge of getting physically ill for the rest of the day :( I managed to get down the snack, kiwi dessert-kiwi with basil and OJ (again, this was suppose to be pureed but you know how I feel about that), so I sliced them instead. I'll have to say it was an interesting flavor combination, but it was good nevertheless. Definitely not something I'll crave, but it got the job done and was something new.

As the workday came to an end I started game planning my attack once I got home. Workout, cook for Day #5, homework (seriously I haven't finished the first chapter), and bed by 9. Oh how I was SO wrong. I STRUGGLED through the mat work today, I did 35 reps but it was such a struggle (OK shameful disaster) I vowed to repeat 35 reps again tomorrow to make up for my poor performance. I just plain didn't feel well, the 80 degree room (the temperature we are suppose to workout in) was not helping, and with every move I felt weaker, discouraged, and defeated. How can this be happening? I was trying so hard, yet it took mat work over an HOUR (I can usually power out my reps in about 40-45) which made me feel worse (and I had zero appetite so I didn't have dinner). It was so bad, my body had nothing to say (I found it hard to believe too) because I guess it was too ill feeling to speak, and I hadn't even started cardio yet!

Cardio was an utter disappointment. When you don't feel well, the LAST thing you should do is bounce around in a heated room for 40 minutes. I managed (barely) 10 minutes full out, and sadly, I have to report I step touched my way through the last painful (looking in the mirror at my pathetic efforts) 30 minutes. Even though I did my workout for the day I felt like I was a failure (pity party, table for one?). To make matters worse, my phone rang during the last 10 minutes of my step touching and I had to answer it. Like HAD to even though Tracy says to get rid of ALL distractions. It was my boss, and my job is on call, so I hit pause, figuring Tracy would have to understand I wouldn't have a place to workout or money to buy all her exercise miracles if I was unemployed, and after all, she doesn't sign my paychecks. Long story longer, I finished day #4 with a few bumps in the road, and I'm hopeful I'll rise tomorrow @ 4 a.m. feeling better and ready to rock day #5!

Shoo sickness, day #5 is waiting for me!


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