Day #5 - Takin' Care of Business

Oct 29, 2010

Today was non stop for me, starting with a breakfast seminar, then work, class, oh, and most importantly, my daily TAM.  Thankfully, I woke up at 4:30 and got right down to business.  Killed 35 reps of mat work holding true to redeem yesterday's sub par performance, but since I failed to prepare today's food in advance, I had to settle on only getting mat work done in order to cook all the meals for the day, and pray like hell I could get cardio in after class (did I mention it isn't out till 9:30?) but before I passed out from sheer exhaustion.  And bonus, I STILL felt like crap. Shoot me now.

Weight- no change, but considering yesterday's workout I wasn't expecting it to.  I'm still down 2.2 pounds total, so I'm not complaining.

My first encounter being at an event with food (so far I've been avoiding them like the plague) was a breakfast seminar for work, and it went swimmingly. Brought my hot green tea and averted my eyes from the food table, "ooh, are those bagels?" Get a grip Marcia. Unfortunately I should have thought this through and eaten breakfast BEFORE the seminar, because by the time it was over and I got to work, I was ready to eat my own arm. Breakfast was suppose to be 1/2 a grapefruit with honey, but considering my hunger, I forgo the honey and ate the whole DAMN grapefruit like an orange! David Beckham could have been naked covered in honey and I wouldn't have cared, I was that hungry people.  Lunch was chicken with broccoli and endive, which was pretty good.  Snack I had been dreading. Beet salad with oranges. Um, can I? I skipped the beets and just ate the orange (not by the book, but somethings on the menu I absolutely despise - or despise after trying them, therefore I will substitute with other menu options, so technically that's by the book right?).

Class was immediately after work, so I hightailed it (curse you traffic!) making it with only a few minutes to spare.  All was going well, I was paying attention, when the lady next to me does the UNTHINKABLE. She opens a bag of chips and begins to go to town!  Normally this sorta thing wouldn't bother me because it's a 4 hour class and its normal to consume food, but I was OUTRAGED this chick has the audacity to eat crunchy treats in front of me!  I boiled inside, silently hoping she'd choke so the taunting would end.  Oh, but wait, it gets better. After our break, she shows up with a snickers bar! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME. This woman should know that I am on the TAM challenge, therefore she should NOT be teasing me with this devilish goodies (It's pretty much a captain obvious I paid zero attention to my professor during this whole scenario). 

Once class was dismissed I booked it home, dreading what was in store.  By some miracle I got through all 40 minutes of cardio unscathed (semi-full out, but 10x better than the day prior) and before my NyQuil kicked in (I skipped dinner again due to upset stomach).  Let's hope this will kick whatever bug has decided to take up residence in my body, cuz I don't think Tracy was literal when she said flu like symptoms...

5 down, 25 to go...


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  1. LOL Marcia! I've so been there with the chips. My stupid husband (I do love him, honest) eats them when he first gets home. It's all I can do to stop myself crash tackling him and shoving my face in the bag some days (and he does know I'm doing this)!

    You're doing really well to get everything in despite life. You should be proud.

    And she IS being literal about the flu like symptoms BTW. I thought I was getting sick several times throughout the bootcamp only to find it pass a day or 2 later.

    Expect your energy to wane a lot thru out as well. It wasn't until Laura blogged about this (reassuring words from her personal trainer friend) that I recognised it in myself. You do really good and kick arse for a few days and then find yourself floored. Depending on how fit you are to start with, this cycles around with some regularity. Just do what you can on the low days and kick it on the high days. The point is, just keep going (like you are -- you're killing it!!).

    Carrie xoxo


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