Day #7 - Busy Body

Oct 31, 2010

I slept in Saturday morning, rising only after my body gave the OK (don't we all need our internal alarm clock to decide sometimes?). The realization we have family and friends coming over in less than 24 hours frightened me, simply because I had alot of cleaning to do and zero desire to do so. Happily, the party radio channel kept the catchy hits coming, and before I knew it, I'd tackled the entire house-minus the floors, happy my energy had decided to re-inhabit my body.  Now it was time to workout. Did 45 reps during muscular structure and 40 minutes of cardio.  I finally started a TAM play list, one for mat, the other cardio and it really helped.  Instead of praying, talking to myself, etc I just listened to the music and took my time.  I split the cardio in half, partly due to the fact I had to clean the master bath, and partly because I needed to start my lunch before I got too ravenous and ate something not on the TAM menu. I actually find it helps my performance (if I can EVEN venture to call it a performance-more like Sweeney Todd, the workout) if I break up the workout, especially days I hit a wall, which interests me because I'm so ALL or NOTHING, yet figured out early on that I CAN do it in smaller pieces, it STILL counts, and there is NO reason to short myself the effort made.

Weight - no change since yesterday, but down 4.4 pounds total, a feat I'm certainly proud of.

Food- Breakfast was a mushroom omelet roll up, but since I have a mushroom "aversion", I opted for the egg spinach wrap instead.  It was better than the veggie omelet, but still nothing to brag about, though I did consume it all surprisingly.  I didn't sit down for a proper lunch because I was in a cleaning frenzy, opting instead to have grapes and honeydew to get me by.  Dinner I had chicken protein soup, a favorite of mine-I doubled the recipe and saved the other serving for a later day (I'm trying to be better prepared, i.e. less hellish prep time).  For the record, I swapped today's entire menu for other choices on the TAM list so that I could actually eat instead of spend time cooking then dry heave at the thought of taking a bite :)

Although it was the weekend I had loads of homework to do, so I headed to Starbucks to study.  Oh how wonderful it was.  If there was a way to get contact high from simply inhaling coffee, I would have one.  Why hadn't I thought of this sooner?  Grabbed a venti iced green tea (unsweetened) and began to read, invigorated by the pungent aroma of caffeine in the air, happy for the first time in days...a little whiff of caffeine goes a long way people!

That evening I met a friend at the movies to see "You Again".  My first theater foray since my challenge started.  Thankfully I ate dinner before hand, and happily passed up the concession stands, absolutely giddy with the fact I got into my jeans WITHOUT the grunt, stretch, wiggle dance.  You know what I'm talking about ladies.  I was on cloud nine!  Plus, my truffle shuffle didn't dig into my jeans when I sat down, BONUS!

I beelined to my beloved grocery store after the movie, not a smart idea in hindsight-strolling into the grocery store with a list as long as the aisle 30 minutes before they close is a bit unnerving.  But "kick ass take names Marcia" came out and I plowed through the aisles, grabbing all my must have grocery list items for Halloween and the week, with enough time to sprint back through a few aisles "Supermarket Sweep" style as the lady came over the intercom and said, "the store is now closed, please bring your final purchases to the checkout".  Whew, safe.  Too bad I was the only moron with a cart FULL of groceries at midnight, but hey, shopping is shopping right?

Day #7 flew by way too fast, on to #8!


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