Day #10 - Reality Check

Nov 3, 2010

Has been 10 days already?  That sure went by fast...NOT.  My body is fully aware of what day it is, but has gone numb from the grueling daily 2 hour (if I'm lucky) workouts, sudden disappearance of its old friends cheese and carbs (I actually don't miss them as much as I thought I would-shocker), lack of rest, not to mention all the new constantly "awakened" muscles I assume are keeping my body's sassy mouth in check.  For now. 

Today was the day of truth.  I woke up with tons of thoughts swirling in my head. Had I made any progress?  What if I haven't, do I fail TAM and get booted off survivor style?  What is sequence 2 all about?  Can I really be trusted to use a chair in my workout and not break my neck (clumsy doesn't do me justice)?   I shuffled to the bathroom, feeling a bit like the people on Biggest Loser when they go to weigh in and measure. Deep breath, here goes nothing...

Weight - same as yesterday; down a total of 3 pounds.  I took photos to document day 10, I have to admit I don't see much difference in the photos though I haven't seen them side by side yet to really tell, but I'll reveal those at the end, that is if I'm not a total wimp and wuss out. As far as the way I feel (minus sometimes mind numbing pain), I am on top of the world!  My clothes fit better, dare I say even baggy, and I am noticing definite changes in my butt, arms and back.  My "truffle shuffle", however is holding on with vice grips.  This little fucker is really starting to piss me off.  I think I have been a bit naive.  Why I ASSUMED I would have rock hard abs in 10 days was beyond me, just goes to show how awful we are when it comes to instant gratification.  I can say with all the love and admiration, there is NOTHING about the Tracy Anderson method that works instantly.  You have show up and work your ass off everyday to get results, and even those don't come after 2 hours of sweat drenched exercise.  I have to work on my mentality, because expecting such high results without putting in the time will leave you unhappy and discouraged, and this is no easy feat!  I'm learning folks.  As of today, I have lost 1 inch in my bust (sorry boys), waist, thighs, and arms.  I was in such disbelief I measured myself twice!  I must say, although this 30 day boot camp has sucked up all my nonexistent free time, requires countless ingredients to food that I'd never feed my dog, and the internal struggle EACH and EVERY time I work out, Tracy Anderson has a loyal method follower for life.  My body is changing just like she said it would, and I couldn't be happier! 

Workout - By the time I finished measuring I had lost some workout time, so I did sequence 2 mat (20 reps) before work. HOLY.CHAIR.BURNING.TORTURE.  Wow, silly me, I thought my muscles were awake, but Tracy did not disappoint, finding tons more to shock and awe!  The mat work took over an hour, partly because I followed the video as a guide, and because the moves were COMICAL!  Really, you want my leg to do what?  Dare to dream.  It was so difficult at one point I found myself laughing, (yes laughing) hysterically at the thought Tracy assumed I was the next female lead in Cirque Du Soliel and think she should really moonlight doing stand up if she thinks my body will contort into those angles.

I did my cardio after work, much tougher today with all the new "awakened" muscles from sequence 2, plus I was so bloated I felt like a kid on those "Feed the Children" commercials. No joke it was awful.  I split the cardio into two 20 minute segments and got through day 10 (day 1 on sequence 2) seemingly unscathed.

Food - breakfast was citrus salad, can I just express how excited I was to have grapefruit AND oranges!  The recipe called for taking all the skin off each piece, but after I totally sliced my finger open while attempting this, I cried "fuck it", and peeled them instead.  I enjoyed every single bite of this (bandaged finger and all).  Lunch was chicken balsamic salad w/ asparagus and tomato.  I am not a fan of balsamic, but in my quest to at least try everything, I made it and was quite surprised.  It's not half bad, and the chicken had way more flavor than I thought it would without any seasonings.  Snack was suppose to be crudites with dip, but I forgot to pre-fix it so I had a plain carrots and a few jicama instead.  I also have been carrying around green tea like its attached permanently to my hand, it has been my savior on those days I need something other than water.  Thx to Caroline for the tip :)  Dinner was poached Cod (I used Tilapia) and braised leek.  Loved the poached fish, a definite fav (coming from a non fish lover, that's HUGE). The braised leek was differen.t I really liked the flavor, but wasn't quite crazy of its texture.  Maybe as a soup? 

I found this quote the other day and wanted to share it,  as it is so applicable to this 30 day journey: “The only thing you can control is your own effort.” - Theodora van den Beld

Wishing all of you a fantastic workout and even better day.  10 days down, 20 to go, bring it on day #11!


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