Day #11 - Sassy Pants

Nov 4, 2010

OK, waking up late has got to stop.  My alarm goes off routinely at 3:45 am each morning, yet I simply roll over and hit snooze. Repeatedly.  I'd have more free time in the evenings to do things (i.e. homework, meal prep, TV, or gasp-go to bed earlier) instead of rushing home to workout and get everything done before I collapse from sheer exhaustion.  I'll get there one day, right?

Weight - My new acquaintance (it hasn't earned the right to be my friend yet) Mr. scale must have been in a good mood because I'm down another .8 pound!  That brings me up to 3.8 lost total.  Happy dance!

Food - breakfast was suppose to be poached salmon omelet (gag), but I had blueberries and pomegranate instead.  Lunch was chicken salad with spinach, and this was delightful.  I substituted turkey breast (cuz I forgot to take out chicken), and even used the dressing.  Funny story, so the recipe calls for fennel, which I've used/eaten before, so I buy a whole one at the store thinking nothing of it.  When it came time to chop the little bugger I couldn't tell which part I was suppose to eat, the bulb or the stalks.  I decide it's the stalk and start chopping away, tossing them into my salad celery style.  It's not until I'm almost done with my measuring that I realize it is the top fluffy part that you eat!  I had to pick all the darn stalk pieces out.  Not my brightest moment.  Regardless, I'll definitely make this again. Correctly though :)  Snack-I would rather go to the dentist for extensive work than eat another cucumber relish, so I subbed in green grapes.  Dinner was suppose to be poached tilapia (again) with asparagus, but in my haste to run errands before my hair appointment, I left my dinner all comfy cozy in the refrigerator at work, oops.  Of course the thought of forgetting my dinner made me ravenous, so as soon as I got to my moms I had an orange.  Hardly dinner but I was proud with the fact I didn't stop and grab fast food, or gorge on a non TAM menu items.

Workout - I didn't begin till after 8, and by the time I got through my 25 reps my stomach was screaming "Feed me again", but in fear of eating too late I just had loads of water, pushed through the workout and did 40 minutes of cardio.  Have I mentioned my left hip is sore?  I think I may have pulled something whilst trying to shake my groove thang during'll just have to suck it up cuz nothing will stop me from completing my goal (insert evil laugh here).

All in all a good day, I can tell I'm forming a habit or working out regardless the time of day, even (dare I say) craving the exercise, it's amazing how in such a short time I've come so far into really digging my heels in  to achieve my goal, prioritizing my workout instead of kicking it to the back burner.  By George, I think I'm getting it!  oh, AND I've been getting wonderful compliments lately like "have you lost weight", I'm so glad others are begining to see my hard work pay off (plus its such a mood booster).  I walked a little taller (and with a HUGE smile on my face) after that :)

Tomorrow I leave for a business trip to the windy city, and I'm already researching how I can get as close to the TAM menu as possible so I don't stray off course.  Plus, I'm sure I'll have funny stories of my workout in my room (me + chair = disaster)...till then stay motivated everyone, we can do this!

11 down, 19 to go,

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