Day #12 - Taking the TAM show on the road

Nov 6, 2010

Off to the windy city I go!  I can't convey to you how stressed I've been about continuing my 30 boot camp while away on business.  I can already guess it will be no easy task, but then again, who wants easy?  I for one LOVE a challenge (but I'm seriously shaking in my boots).  This morning I woke up the earliest I ever have during the boot camp, packed, ironed, got my meals packed, gym clothes on, only to stretch then think "It's only 4 a.m., surely you can lie down for a few minutes and still get your workout in." I wasn't even sleepy. Oh how I was wrong.  I fell asleep fully clothed, to wake up at 7:30 in a panic. Luckily all I had to do was shower and hit the road, but I didn't get my workout in which I knew would plague me all day.  I had no idea if I'd be able to workout in my room (in the off chance I was in a tiny room)...Oy what have I done? On the bright side, I got my first glimpse of my "almost mini baby side abdominals" (patent pending), and I must say they are adorable!  I was so excited I squealed with delight (OK shouting praise to Tracy Anderson), woke up my boyfriend telling him to look at my "almost mini baby abdominals" and my firming booty! He obliged, after I assured him the house was not burning, and congratulated me on my hard work. Today was off to an ab-tastic start.

Weight - Down 2.2 pounds since yesterday; 5.8 pounds total.  This is a new low for me and it felt fantastic! I even wore my "tight" khakis, but I'll have to start calling them "khakis" because they were loose!

Breakfast was citrus salad, but in my haste I ended up just eating a grapefruit and an orange peeled, there is no time for pleasantries when I am hungry.  "Watch your fingers folks they might get nibbled off in the shuffle" :)  Lunch I had my poached tilapia and asparagus I accidentally left at work the day before.  Snack was supposed to be beet salad, but I opted for an orange, throwing it into my carry on for later.  Little did I know I'd get 1st row on the plane, and since the flight was full the flight attendant had to take my bag (I almost had a coronary b/c my TAM essentials were in there), leaving me without my snack.  I was so ravenous from all things travel I ended up eating a bag (barely a palmful) of those airline peanuts, and I am not a peanut fan.  I didn't see them on the TAM menu, but figured it was peanuts or ravaging a fast food kiosk once I deplaned. I choose the lesser of two evils.  I for sure need to be more aware of my time management food skills and plan meals/snacks better in the future to avoid this. By the time I got my carry on (bless the gentleman who went to the middle of the plane to retrieve it for me), luggage, took the train, and walked to my hotel I was WIPED OUT.  It was after 7, I hadn't eaten dinner, nor had I worked out.  It was time to get down to business.  Thankfully my hotel room was really spacious so I could work out, so I ordered dinner for delivery and got down to business.  It was a sight for sure. Today was a day if it were in fact a "performance", it'd be a more of a comedy and less touching drama.  In my rush to begin I did #17 totally wrong so I ended up busting out the DVD and giving my legs a little extra workout because I started over.  There was only a rolling desk chair so I used the desk as my prop, but for safety reasons (i.e. I'd break my neck) I skipped #20 since I did not have stable chair to stand on.  #19 was tricky, I had an ottoman but it was so squishy it made it a bit difficult, funny to watch, but difficult. I tried to raise my hotel temperature to 80, but it got so warm at about 75, I left it in fear of passing out or setting off the alarms.  Made the executive decision to repeat 25 reps since I didn't have the correct equipment.  By the time I completed the mat work (those push ups are the DEVIL) my food came so I stopped to have my dinner of scallops, sauteed spinach, and squash.  It was the BEST meal to date!  The rice and dipping sauce that came with the meal didn't faze me because everything was so delicious!  I could literally eat that squash everyday all day, it was even sweet enough as a snack/dessert (think squash but looked like mashed potatoes).  I'm not sure what type of squash it was, but I'm determined to find out.  For those who live in Chicago, you have to try Shaw's Crab House.  By the time I finished my dinner I was satisfied but full enough I didn't want to get sick when i did cardio so I waited, which I shouldn't have because I feel asleep (fully clothed yet again) and did not get my cardio in for the day.  Obviously I was wiped out from today, a little disappointed I didn't get in my cardio, but pleased I worked out despite it all.

12 down, 18 to go;


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  1. Congratulations on your mini baby abdominals. Keep up the cardio!


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