Day #13 - Work the plan

Nov 6, 2010

It was day #2 of "Hotel workout: the musical", so I woke up early to be sure I at least got mat work in.  It took longer than planned due to room service bringing breakfast and the fact I had to brush my teeth before I'd let them in, but 25 reps were done before I checked out and began my day.

Weight - unable to check due because without a scale; but I felt good so I was a happy camper.

Food - Breakfast was fresh fruit banana, strawberry, blueberry, honeydew, cantaloupe & green tea.  They brought up a to go cup so I could take green tea with me, but after I walked to the office, getting lost on my should be 10 minute journey in the bitter Chicago weather, spilling most of it down my hand (OK because it was darn near frost bitten), but hey I had my cup as not to be tempted by Starbucks so all was well.  Tempted by a muffin I went as far as walking up to them before snapping back into reality and forgoing the carb filled delight.  What a tease.  Lunch was herb Salmon over greens (no dressing), and despite the waitress looking at me odd when I asked for the chef to "damn near burn my salmon" it was wonderful.  Loads of flavor in the fish (herbs not bad stuff), and colorful veggies made this a hit for my eyes and tummy.  For dinner I used forethought and ate before I got to the airport, having a southwest chicken salad.  While it did have some cheese, black beans and a few tortilla straws (I forgot to ask for them to be omitted), I only used a bit of the vinaigrette dressing.  I even resisted the dreaded devil, the bread  and butter basket.  It took alot to overlook the warm crusty bread and not inhale the whole loaf.  The salad was very good, but my mouth had an awful after taste, so I popped a piece of gum so I didn't offend my seat mate on the plane. I chewed less than 5 minutes, terrified I ate something non TAM, but in this case was an emergency.  No snack today due to the days hurriedness, but I wasn't hungry for it anyway.  I hit the ground running (for the second time-I hauled it on my way to the airport as not to miss my flight, in heels nonetheless) once I got home, powering through 40 minutes of cardio to complete my day.  During my flight I went thru the TAM book, outlining my next 15 days, making sure I have no excuses to get in the way of my 30 day goal.  It's Friday night so we are headed to see the movie "Due Date" tonight at my favorite theater (best popcorn AND they serve alcohol), so hopefully I can keep the monkey off my back long enough to enjoy the movie and not obsess over movie snacks.

Completed my workout (with a few modifications) to my amazement without as much fuss I had imagined.  Just goes to show if you have the will and make the time you can do anything!

13 down, 17 to go;



  1. Great job!!! Had to be difficult making good choices while traveling. Your almost half way there :-)!

  2. Well, bootcamp survived a business trip. You ROCK!


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