Day #14 - Jenga: The refrigerator game

Nov 8, 2010

Morning came way too early for me today.  In theory seeing a midnight movie on a Friday night sounds like fun, and is normal for a 28 year old to be awake into the wee hours living it up.  But this 28 year old was SPENT!  I obviously didn't think through the fact I was coming home from Chicago, still had to do cardio, then hall butt to shower and get to the movies in time.  No wonder I was tired.  The movie was laugh out loud funny, and a great way to end a crazy week.  Plus, I didn't even blink twice at the buttery popcorn and tasty cocktails!  Any who, needless to say my weekend was off to a slow start.  After I FINALLY dragged myself outta bed, I spent majority of the day procrastinating my workout.  I did everything humanly possible to delay the impending torture.  I made a breakfast (cooking for others is still difficult, but this am was not bad) grocery list (I shop 1 week in advance-so helpful in being prepared), updated my TAM journal (more on this later), cleaned my kitchen...I was so unmotivated.

Weight - a small slide backwards, but considering I missed a cardio workout it was understandable.  Down a total 5 pounds since starting boot camp, a feat I still revel in.

Food - Breakfast was berry compote w/ blueberry, blackberry and a bit of watermelon (I was cutting it up and a few pieces "jumped" into my mouth).  If  I haven't said it before, I LOVE fruit for breakfast!  Lunch was Tilapia with lemon and mustard, and triple roasted carrots.  Fish was yummy, and the Dijon mustard was a nice touch.  I didn't have the patience to find different colored carrots, and considering my refrigerator is a tasking game of jenga I saved myself the trouble and used regular orange baby carrots.  They were good, but I'm a carrot lover.

Since we are on the subject, let's talk about my refrigerator.  I pride myself on keeping our fridge and pantry stocked, but this boot camp has my fridge, pantry and counter tops looking like a stuffed sausage.  One thing I learned very early on in boot camp is that the majority of your shopping should be done on the outside areas of the store, spending the most time in fresh produce, and no dilly dally in the aisles except for a few items.  It makes total sense, buying an abundance of fresh ingredients and limiting or cutting out all the processed crap.  All of this is fine and dandy, but when you literally have zero room in your fridge for an extra slice of anything it makes getting even a glass of water a chore.  I'll take a picture to show you what Im working with, you'd think it was a dorm fridge from my description, but I can assure you it is not.  After my first shopping excursion my boyfriend made the comment along the lines of "guess we will never go hungry".  Nope, we have enough spinach and kale to last a natural disaster sweet cheeks ;)

Back to my meals today, Snack was kiwi (minus all the basil and OJ).  Dinner was suppose to be flank steak, I had marinated it during my procrastination this am, but by the time dinner rolled around I had no appetite. I had some watermelon instead so I wouldn't be ravenous the next morning. 

Workout - I didn't muster up enough energy to workout till 6 in the evening, something I regretted every minute of the over 2 hour workout because it seemed as though it lasted FOR-E-VER (to quote the pudgy kid from "The Sandlot"). I managed 30 reps and 40 minutes of cardio, but everyday my workout gets more challenging keeping me interested in a closed room for hours on end.  I have been using my itunes for music, creating a Mat and Cardio play list along the way, but even that gets old.  This is probably why I can't seem to get past 40 minutes of cardio without wanting to shoot myself.  I LOVE the workout and the cardio moves, but the isolation is getting redundant, maybe I need to get better music or workout in the am...On a side note, this sequence is less tasking on my body that the 1st, I still get the occasional ache, but nothing like sequence 1.  My knees are bugging me, but I just had knee surgery a year ago, so that doesn't surprise me.  If anyone has any tips to beat the silence, I'm all ears!

Back to my journal, I began keeping one for bootcamp and it has been a savior!  I made notes, listed encouraging words, and most importantly, it tracks my progess.  I used a plain journal for mine, and each day has the following: day #, date, sequence, todays weight, weight change since yesterday, total weight loss since bootcamp began, mood, sore factor (how my body is feeling), what time I start/finish mat (to see how long it takes), how long I stretch/connection exercise, reps, cardio, and food. 

14 days in the bag, 16 to go:



  1. Go Marcia go bob t

  2. Wow I'm glad I read about the journal. Why didn't I think of that? I'm gonna start writing one tomorrow. Might come in handy now when it's "that" time of the month. Hungry AND pms-ing... Not a good combo hehe.


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