Day #15 - Punk'd

Nov 9, 2010

Oh, Sunday fun day.Thankfully I woke up earlier than yesterday, but my workout procrastination continued til early evening.  It was a new week, which meant another foray to the grocery store for food (Dierbergs produce people beware: she is back with a new list).  I always go to Sam's first in case they have the items in bulk or cheaper, then head to Dierbergs for the remainder.  Unfortunately for me, it was sample day at Sams', yummy treats literally around every corner, not to mention EVERY family from St. Louis and their family.  In my haste to begin my day I left home without eating breakfast...BIG mistake.  I power shopped my way to the checkout, avoiding eye contact with the sample people, praying I wouldn't catch a glimpse of any food and set up camp in front of their station, hoarding all the samples and scaring little children.  Made it out of the store, starving, yet true to my goal, kiss my increasingly firm behind junk food!  Next was Dierbergs, and I silently prayed this I wasn't being punk'd, my family/friends laughing their asses off behind the frozen food while I suffered.  Thankfully, there was no food temptations here, but I have to admit, when you are hungry, trying to change your lifestyle for the better, cold turkey from alcohol and caffeine, its best NOT to hog the entire aisle with your shopping cart. Just saying. I found myself having mini "come to Jesus meetings" with myself in the store, it appeared no one was in a hurry but me. "Come on people, don't I look hungry and irritable?"  "Don't get between me and my food OK?"  And God bless the bag girl but she mangled my flaxseed bag sending it into a million pieces, poor girl was mortified, but she brought me back a TON of flaxseed to replace it, so she was safe.  Once home I unloaded groceries like my car would explode if I didn't get all the bags out in 90 seconds, anxious to put food in my belly before I lost it and ripped open a fresh bag of Doritos and went into cheesy, carb filled bliss.

Weight - down .8 of a pound since yesterday for a total loss of 5.8 pounds!  Take that truffle shuffle!

Food - Breakfast Strawberry mint salad, so light and refreshing.  Lunch was a disaster on every level.  It was suppose to be tofu over romaine, but I'm not a huge tofu fan so I substituted for a meal I missed earlier in the menu. Carrot Ginger Soup.  Sounds appealing right? WRONG!  Chopping all the veggies and reducing them till they were soft took longer than expected, and after I had pureed my little heart out, I spooned it into my bowl,  thinking it closely resembled orange baby food (I like to chew my food, thank you).  That was OK with me, I love carrots and sweet potatoes, what could possibly be wrong with this combo?  Oh, EVERYTHING!  The soup was the consistency (surprise, surprise) of baby food, and tasted that of a over gingered  mush. Yuck!  I forced down a few bites before by gag reflex took over until I dumped it all in the trash.  All my hard work for the last hour, lay freshly prepared in my waste bin.  Awesome. Am I being punk'd, again?  Seriously people, where is Aston Kutcher to tell me its all a joke? Thankfully I had fresh pineapple for snack (substituted from beet orange salad), so it wasn't a total waste.  Dinner was substituted - today was all substitutes apparently - for chicken with mango and scallion.  I made this along with wilted spinach for dinner, and I have to admit it was actually good.  Not something I could eat all the time, but a nice twist on chicken for sure.

Since it was Sunday I prepped my food for Monday, "accidentally" licking the spoon of my freshly prepared chocolate chestnut pudding...that stuff is divine!  I was SO excited for snack tomorrow :)

Workout - Before I started I added more songs to my play list in the hopes I wouldn't die of boredom (I'm used to the heat - finally) during my workout.  Got through 35 reps and 40 minutes of cardio, but since it was after 5 when I began I had to stop every 10 minutes during cardio to make sure dinner wasn't burning.  The new music definitely helped, so the quest to build a kick ass play list continues. 

Halfway there, not stopping til the big 3-0,


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