Day #16 - Exercising with the Stars

Nov 9, 2010

Yowza!  My shoulder blades and knees are sore!  The thought of those two body parts aching in unison is random, but I can assure you they ache nonethelss.  I was also greeted with Mr. Dizziness, a patron who has come to torment me every few days druning bootcamp, especially during the standing chair leg raise.  Oh well, gotta make the best of this sore, albeit smaller body.  Up I go!

Weight - No change since yesterday; 5.8 pounds lost total.  Get off and stay off extra squish!  My clothes are SERIOUSLY loose, I smell a shopping spree post 30 days :)

Food - Breakfast was suppose to be kefir, but like kale juice is my unicorn, a mythical item people talk about, but I can't seem to find.  Found the milk, no yogurt.  Bummer.  Had a whole grapefruit (minus the membrane) instead, along with my trusty sidekick hot green tea (Yogi brand has a gr8 pure green tea-plus the bags have inspirational quotes on them!).  When I arrived in my office what do I see? Fundraiser popcorn staring at me.  Um, It's already Monday people, now I'm being tested with caramel corn..."put it into your bag, no sudden movements."  Lunch was a baked sweet potato (ok it was a flipping HUGE sweet ptotato).  I can honestly say that it was the BEST sweet potato I have ever eaten.  I love sweet potato anyway, but just simple without any crap piled on top is defiitely my new fav. It was filling, sweet, and delicious.  Snack was chocolate chestnut pudding, a TAM fav of mine, and folks kept asking what was in my magic bullet and I'd just smile and say "pudding", keeping this savory chocolate secret to myself...Dinner was suppose to be lamb, but considering that I don't eat lamb unless I'm in Greece chowing on a fresh gyro (I went this summer and it was the BEST food EVER, oh yeah it was gorgeous too), that wasn't going to happen so I made flank steak instead.  Now let me give a preface to this by saying I'm not a huge steak fan (ok not at all), but I had challenged myself to try as much of the food as possible, plus it had been marinating since Saturday, so I threw it on the grill and hoped for the best. I have to give it to her, the steak was pretty good, the marinade being the star of the show. I only had a few bites of this before I decided I still don't like steak, no matter the marinade.  I usually don't have this problem, but during my workout I got hungry so I had some pineapple to keep me going.   Again, I made my meals the night before and "accidentally" tasted the pear apple spice. YUM!

Workout - I switched things up today, cooking before I worked out, not a big deal considering it was fairly early in the evening.  I got all dressed and the evil boredom monster was lurking around the corner. In an effort to beat him, I toted all my gear into the living room and watched Dancing with the Stars while I did mat work.  Again, I know we are suppose to be distraction free, but on days I can barely muster energy to put my shoes on, exercising in front of the tv is the least of my worries.  Powered through 40 reps of mat, these bad boys are beginning to test me, it took over 2 hours to complete!  For cardio I went back to my designated TAM room and danced my way straight through 40 minutes of cardio. When I say dance, I danced my shrinking truffle shuffle like I was the chick in Flashdance, leg warmers and all.  New songs that helped me boogey through were: Like a G6, Naturally (by Selena Gomez), Please Don't Stop the Music (remix). 

I received my Perfect Design Series (1-3) and Beginner Dance Cardio in the mail today.  I'm so hooked to TAM for life I wanted to be sure I had my next step in hand before my 30 days was up (no excuses remember?)!  If any of you have tried these, please let me know how they are, and any tips post boot camp, I'll need all the help I can get, it takes a village right?

Lastly, I came across this quote and couldn't wait to share it with you, its so TAM fitting...

"Your body is the baggage you must carry throug life..The more excess baggage, the shorter the trip."           - Arnold H. Glasgow

To all those out there who are following TAM or not, we only have one body, let's make it the best body we can :)

16 down, 14 to go,



  1. I totally agree with the quote.

    Can I ask you how you did your cardio workout during the boot camp?

  2. Caroline, I do cardio after mat work..for boot camp cardio I would do 1 then 2 and then repeat.


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