Day #17 - Where Are You Sleep?

Nov 11, 2010

This week is absolute MAYHEM.  I've got a big project, tons of reading and an assignment due by Thursday, and with working full time, continuing my 30 day boot camp goal, and life in general today was a tough one.  I can only imagine what the few days will hold.  Oddly enough I am not sore today, not sure if that is good or bad, but I kinda miss waking up to find out which body worked hard the day before and wants to tell me about it. 

Weight - down another .8 pound (seems to be the daily norm), for a total loss of 6.6 pounds.  I cannot stop marveling over the new shape my body is transforming into.  It really solidifies my whole goal even more, I feel amazing, and I just can't stop smiling!  Life is good.

Food - Breakfast is sweet potato pancakes. Again, I LOVE sweet potatoes, so there isn't much I don't like when that is an ingredient.  I couldn't get them to crisp so they turned out a bit loose, but were good, with agave nectar acting as syrup.  Bonus, it was a nice change, hallelujah.  Unfortunately I don't think I ate enough because I was hungry by 10:15, so next time I'll have more than two silver dollars.  Lunch was Greek salad with endive and green olives.  I am a huge fan of Greek salad, but the dressing was TOO overpowering (I made the mistake of pouring it on my salad BEFORE I tasted it) so that ruined it for me.  I ate less than 1/2, picking out the olives, feta and pieces of unsoaked lettuce.  Snack was pear/Apple spice, super easy to make, but I used more than a pinch of was too much.  Stick to the recipe on that one. 

Workout - Due to time constraints I had to cut my workout in half, doing 20 reps of mat and 20 minutes of cardio in order to get homework done and a few hours of sleep.  I made sure I did each move as though it were my last, trying to make the best of what little time I had.  Hey, to be honest, I'm proud I worked out at all, I have so much work to do it's OVERWHELMING.  But, it took my stress level down a notch and helped me relax so I can't complain.

Well, must jet to continue with my project.

17 days down, 13 to go,


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