Day #18 - Stress Sandwich Anyone?

Nov 11, 2010

Whoever said "things get worse before they get better" is on my nerves and deserves to be punched.  Boy did things get worse.  To add to my stress sandwich of TAM, work, and grad school, work decided to roll out company issued blackberry's for us to use. Seems harmless, but when you have EXTREME OCD like I do and LIVE off my IPhone it is a stressor.  Today was not a good day.  My pity party not only reserved a table, but the entire freaking restaurant!  Majority of my day was spent activating and troubleshooting my new "phone", which pretty much pushed every button of patience I had left.  First my Starbucks, now my IPhone?  This a a cruel, cruel world.  My school project was coming along slower than I'd hope and my day was jam packed...shoot me.

Weight - down another .2 pounds, for a whopping total of 6.8 pounds lost in 18 days!  Miracles can happen people!  I'm so close to my goal weight it'd bite me if it was hungry...

Workout - 25 reps of sequence #2 and 20 minutes of cardio due to my ever looming project and assignment.  Luckily I am making the best out of what little time I do have ensuring I break sweat and get in a good workout regardless the amount of time I have.  I crave these workouts, and after this week dies down I'll be overjoyed to get back into my sometimes 3 hour workouts, I'm hooked! 

Food - Breakfast was sweet potato pancakes again, so yummy and I got them a bit crispier this time.  Lunch was a TAM fav, turkey salad over spinach (the recipe calls for chicken). Snack was chocolate chestnut pudding.  A delicious, savory treat I enjoy each time its on the menu.  I made double so this batch would last longer!  A proper dinner was not an option tonight, so I opted for a handful of grapes to get my by so I could get my homework and workout in. 

The stress or work and school are really making workout times hard to complete since they are sometimes 3 hours, but I crave a good workout and have learned we make time for what we want.  Thankfully I can balance this out and got in at least partial workouts on these insane days. 

Back to homework; 18 down, 12 to go,


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  1. Way to work throught the stress with a good TAM workout! Keep up the cardio!


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