Day #19 - The Chip Lady, Part Two

Nov 12, 2010

First, Happy Veterans Day to all the people who have served (or are currently serving) our country.   It takes alot to serve our country, and I am eternally grateful for your selfless efforts.  God Bless America!

OK, the last few days have been my version of hell, and it has reflected in my blog, so for that I am truly sorry.  This blog has allowed me to not only rant about my fitness journey, but held me accountable along the way.  I cannot express how encouraging it is to have such wonderful support and followers, I could not have made it this far without you! 

Weight- No change since yesterday; down 6.8 pounds in 19 days, and considering I've done modified workouts the past two days, I'm not surprised. 

Today was a blur.  Last night was another late night of doing homework, so sleep was not an option yet again.  Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and class is tonight, so I can breathe a little easier after today is over.  Finally, some relief!  It was a friend/coworker/enouragement queen/loyal blog follower birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) so the day was full of festivities. I ran to grab pastries for her special day and found myself ordering all the treats I knew darn well I wouldn't eat..."ooh, yeah 2 of those cheese danish, can you add an extra blueberry scone too?"  Happily I resisted the bakery delights, having a whole grapefruit (without the membrane), obviously not as exciting as a fresh baked pastry, but I stuck with my guns and didn't cheat.  I'll admit I walked pass them more times than I'd like to admit, dreaming of what they tasted like, smelling them, and almost touching the box.  But I resisted!  Man, that was not easy, but certainly not as hard as it was on week #1.  We went out to lunch at one of our office groups favorite Italian restaurants.  I was so excited for lunch I had googled the menu looking for TAM-ish options, cuz let's face it, NOTHING in an Italian restaurant leaves the kitchen without being deliciously bathed in butter and garlic....mmm, butter.  I ordered the Chicken Marsala (I ate about 1/2-sans majority of the sauce-along with the carrots and green beans) and a small side salad (they have the BEST salads), courageously passing on the overflowing bread/butter basket, and only flinched slightly when they brought out this "Chocolate Mountain of Heaven" for dessert.  I'm SO proud I refrained and didn't snatch the cake off the table and devour it in the corner. It was a SERIOUS food hug wrapped in chocolate, and I SO needed a food hug right about now...I was stuffed from lunch but still had a sweet craving, so I had my snack early, an orange.  After work I sped (literally) to class fighting to make it through the traffic in time, just having put the final touches on my project minutes before.  Dinner was grapes (though I was still full from lunch-more full than I've felt in awhile, not liking the feeling; satisfied is a way better feeling to me now-omg, I learned something!), a go to for me on days when I won't have time for a proper meal. 

Class was LONG tonight.  Maybe it was because I was low on sleep and patience, but whatever it was I struggled to stay awake for the 1/2 (2 hours) of class.  Plus, potato chip girl was back with a vengeance.  If you don't remember her, she is the lady who sits next to me, OFFENSIVELY devouring Red Hot Ripple potato chips and other naughty delights during our 4 hour class.  Tonight she opens up her bag and begins to eat each chip,  Why this infuriates me I have no idea, I'm not hungry, I don't want her chips, but for some reason the squishy girl in me is NOT happy.  Listening to her chew EVERY chip, getting more angry by the minute, and even wondering to myself if she'll tip the bag to catch the crumbs.  My inner squishy girl is a bit obsessive when it comes to treats, can you tell?  It goes without saying I have NO idea what my professor was talking about during my squishy girl food stalker session, nor did I care (actually I do, our midterm is next week).  I was still upset that this woman whom I've never uttered a word to would have the audacity to sit next to me munching on naughty treats, I swear she was taunting me.  To add insult to injury, after beak she whips out a KING sized rice crispy treat and goes at it like a jackal.  I may need to move seats...

After class was over I hightailed it home to workout, it was after 9 (after 10 before I began my workout) and I wanted to pick up where I left off completing 45 reps and doing cardio.  Pipe dreams right?  Got changed, the room set to 80, turned up iTunes DJ and got to work.  My muscles immediately reacted when I pushed past 20/25 reps of the last two days, letting me know they were awake and it was a muscle burning good feeling, I'm back!  Unfortunately I did not balance my workout properly, so I did 45 reps of mat and only had time for 10 minutes of cardio in order to be done before midnight (I also skipped HELL push ups-I actually forgot to do them, I tried to wait to do them last, oops).  This was fine by me because Mr. Dizzy was back and kicking my behind!  All in all today was eventful but turned out well in the end.  My friend/coworkers birthday was a success, project and assignment were turned in, and I got back (minus cardio) to my normal workout.  Tomorrow is #20, can't wait to see the results!

Off to bed I go...19 down, 11 to go,


  1. Really?? Chip lady has to go!!! You keep moving and motivating us with your insightful journey.

  2. I think you've found your nemesis! The evil chip lady. Seriously, you're doing so well not to just drop the b!tch and steal her chips! I'm impressed.

  3. ha! It takes every ounce of willpower not to drop kick her for teasing me...


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