Day #20 - Almond Butter Anonymous

Nov 16, 2010

20 days completed! I feel like Ms. America, only without the crown, sleep deprived, and sore as hell.  I won't keep you in suspense considering I'm a total blog slacker the past few days. Here are my results 20 days into boot camp:

Weight - same as yesterday; 6.8 lost total
Bust - same; 1 inch lost total
Waist - 1 inch each above and below the belly button; 4 inches lost total
Hips - same; no change since boot camp
Thigh - 1/2 inch; 1 1/2 inches lost total
Arm - 1/2 inch; 1 inch lost total

Not only have I lost 7 1/2 inches all over my body, my clothes are loose!  I NEVER tire of saying that!  I cannot wait till boot camp is over so I can spend outrageous amounts of money on clothes for my new, truffle shuffle losing body.

Workout - 50 reps of mat work and 20 minutes of cardio.  I've been really dizzy lately (which is why I stopped cardio short) and a friend said I may be dehydrated.  Guess I need more water than I'm already drinking.  That's ALOT of water.  Makes me need to pee just thinking about it.  Meanwhile, the push up from hell are ridiculous, I swear it could be a tactic a used to torture prisoners!

Food - Now for AA. I've never had the honor of savoring Almond Butter before boot camp, but my new addiction is born.  Don't judge my insane Almond Butter overload, this stuff is AMAZING!

Breakfast - Banana with Almond Butter
Lunch - Apple with Almond Butter
Snack - surprise, Apple with Almond Butter
Dinner - Turkey Burger.  It has to be said I should have had more almond butter, as the turkey burger was utterly disappointing to me.  It lacked flavor which is what turned me off.  Maybe next time I'll add some feta... something.  The train to flavor town skipped the turkey burger for sure.

KEFIR.  My quest for this elusive menu item has been plaguing me.  I found the milk at my local store, but no yogurt.  Not giving up without a fight I headed to Whole Foods (I LOVE this place when it's not packed-hence why I rarely go), stopping a stock boy to ask for help after spending at least 5 minutes (it could have been 1 but it seemed WAY longer) standing cluelessly looking at the yogurt aisle, hoping it would just jump off the shelf and into my basket.  Clearly he thought I was high (actually just hungry) because when he explained that kefir was a drinkable yogurt and it was in a milk bottle I felt like a total idiot. I HAD bought the correct kefir, it was comfy in my fridge while I travel all over God's creation looking for it.  Of course.

Sequence #3 is tomorrow, and I gotta say, just looking at the exercises makes me want to cry.  This will be an adventure, but what about boot camp isn't an adventure?  Bring on the pain...hurts so good right?

20 down, 10 to go,

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