Day #21 - GOAL!

Nov 16, 2010

Clutch.the.pearls.  I met my goal weight!  I may pass out I'm hyperventilating so hard.  Could it be?  This journey thus far has been the hardest, time consuming, mental, physical, emotional challenge I've done to date.  The feeling of accomplishment has never felt so sweet (oh, sweets...).  I still have some toning to do, cuz Lord knows I don't want to look like a "Sharpei", but hitting one of my goals definitely makes the pain worth it.

Weight - down .6 since yesterday; 7.4 pounds total!

Workout - Dear Lord help me. My suspicions were true.  Sequence 3 is KILLER!  I watched the video to help me with the moves, but sweet baby Jesus this is tough! The next 10 days are going to beat up my truffle shuffle and take prisoners!  Mat - 20 reps; Sadly, I ate right before I worked out, so my stomach was insanely upset, but I  got through 40 minutes of cardio anyway.

Food - Breakfast; strawberry smoothie, not bad, but the kefir is tangier than I thought so next time I'll add banana to sweeten it a bit.  Lunch was baked sweet potato - my favorite thing ever, and snack was dried mango.  I've never had dried mango before and boy was I missing out!  DELICIOUS snack.  It's just sweet enough to curb a craving and filling...double awesome.  Dinner was a handful of grapes and a banana with a TBSP of Almond Butter due to my all day study session for midterms.

Got through sequence 3 still alive, so bring it on #22!

21 down, 9 to go,


  1. Hang in there. Seq 3 gets better around the 3rd go at it. You won't feel like you're actually going to die when you wake up (it's a refreshing change). You are nearly there! 9 days left!!! I'm rootin' for ya!

  2. Thx! Knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel is refreshing and nerve wrecking...I actually only have 4 days to go (last day 11/22) but because of midterms and work I've been slacking on my blog...but hold on to ur hats I'm back tomorrow cuz I got thru my midterm! I won't spoil it, but chip lady is back again! Lol

  3. Congratulations!!! only a few days to go! SO excited for you!


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