Day #23 - "Off your meat & onto your feet"

Nov 19, 2010

I saw the title of today's blog post on twitter, and could not stop laughing.  One, because it is so simple and true, and two, because I was on my "meat" being lazy, lol.  Today was one of those days where you get all ready, go to begin, and that great wall of China with the barbed wire and piranhas shows up.  I didn't even attempt my workout room, instead merrily moved my workout into the living room and did mat work (30 reps) while catching up on my DVR.  All I can say is watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and Dancing with the Stars while exercising is therapeutic.  You are exercising while you watch these cosmetically enhanced (I'm by no means knocking cosmetic surgery, there is nothing wrong with a little nip/tuck.  I've had a boob job.  OK, a breast reduction but it is SO much more fun to say "boob job"! - Funny Sidebar; After my recovery I TOTALLY went into Victoria's Secret to buy new bras, and when the measuring tape lady came up to me, cuz I no longer hid from her once my size didn't keep increasing-I go, "I need all new undergarments, cuz I had a boob job".  True story, and it still makes me giggle to this day! BTW, it was worth every penny.) stepford wives who create drama (that I watch like a soap opera) because they have nothing better to do.  Dancing with the Stars, on the other hand is incentive, have you SEEN the professional dancers??? Talk about AMAZING bodies.  I dream to tone that much of my truffle shuffle, and intend to do so thanks to Tracy.  Cardio was 20 minutes due to my impending midterm that I MUST do well on...

Weight - Same as yesterday (GOAL!); down 7.4 total. Getting dressed is becoming a chore.  Finding clothes in my closet that don't make me look like a hobo is challenging.  7 days till my shopping EXTRAVAGANZA begins, out with the truffle shuffle, in with the new threads!

Food - Breakfast; Kefir w/ Banana.  I would have made it into a smoothie, but my wonderful boy toy "forgot" to turn on the dishwasher when he went to bed, but it was still yummy.  This kefir business is mighty tasty!  Lunch; Steamed Veggie Plate (actually mine was in my sassy Tupperware, but whatever :).  This wasn't bad, got old pretty quick, but a nice change.  Next time I'll eat a bit more because it left me a bit hungry after an hour or so.  Snack; sweet potato corn pudding.  Alright, I LOVE sweet potatoes, and I LOVE corn, but this combination was DISGUSTING to me.  Took two bites and had to dispose of it.  It was like detention for my taste buds, who does that?!  Dinner; totally random, but I had 2 apples with Almond Butter  and a small (damn near tiny) piece of chicken sprinkled with a touch of fresh basil and oregano made extra from my next days meal.  Now, it wasn't on the menu, but I couldn't stomach anymore balsamic vinegar and decided a few herbs would be OK, I don't think they have calories, and I CRAVE flavor of some form.  Truth be told I could have been satisfied with my apples, but my inner squishy girl didn't want the chicken to go to waste so I ate it (although I live with a human garbage disposal, or could have just as easily thrown it away).  I am STILL working on my "see food"/"don't waste"/"clean your plate" issues, I'm sure it doesn't cure itself overnight.  I'm just glad I realize it so I won't do it again next time.  I've learned that satisfied is where I want to be, not stuffed to the gills unable to move.  I cannot express how wonderful this method is and the fantastic tips, lessons, etc I've learned thus far.  I'm in this for the long haul and know Tracy surely knows what she is talking about!

23 down; 7 to go.

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