Day #26 - Midterms & Movies

Nov 21, 2010

Today is the day. MIDTERMS.  It's like a root canal, only you're graded on them and receiving your diploma depends on pressure.  The past two weeks have been a haze, hopefully today will be the start of my de-stress, please God get me through today.  Not only do I have work, maintenance on my car, midterms (with my arch nemesis "chip lady"), but I'm taking my youngest sister to see the new Harry Potter Movie at midnight.  It's gonna be a LONG day...Work zoomed by.  I was greeted with new carpet in my office, a welcome change from the DISGUSTING "carpet like substance" we had prior.  The downside was my ENTIRE office was boxed up and unplugged, so I spent a good portion of the day cleaning, organizing, getting distracted, and cleaning.  What a better way to clean ur office than when its all boxed up and you can sort things out?  I won't even lie, it's still a mess, but it'll get worse before it gets better right?  Getting my car serviced is also an unpleasant experience.  Partly because my car is aging with each passing day, thus ALWAYS needing something, and because the waiting room is conveniently connected to the showroom floor, so you are incessantly pestered by salesmen.  I DARE one to bother me when I have a midterm in less than 2 hours....Luckily they were either all on break or saw my panicked attempt to cram. I was thankfully whatever the reason.  Class was BRUTAL.  My professor decided to lecture BEFORE the exam, so it was a challenge to take notes AND cram at the same time.  I sit in the front row so I was totally obvious in my efforts.  Also, you guessed it, chip lady was there.  This time with some kind of EXTREMELY crunchy snack (not sure what it was after staring at it for far too long).  Break came and went, and the midterm began.  As he handed them out, you could hear the groans, and when I got my paper I saw why.  Did we EVER cover this stuff?  Must have been while I was obsessing over chip lady...oops.  It actually wasn't too awful, and once I exited the building a HUGE wave of relief washed over me, taking my stress level back to normal levels.  Met my sister at the theater to see HP7 (Harry Potter 7 for those no into it).  Everything was going swimmingly until the commercials for popcorn  began dancing on the screen. I am NOT strong enough to withstand two HOURS of commercials on movie snacks!  It took every ounce of willpower, prayer, and chanting "I'm not hungry" to get me through.  At some point I asked my sister if she needed a snack, to which she replied, "no, and you can't either cuz mom said you were on some diet".  Teenagers.  Gotta love them.  I took it upon my self to educate her that it is in fact, NOT a diet, but a lifestyle change, but I'm pretty sure she tuned me out...The movie was AMAZING, and thankfully the people next to me understood my angst and did not have any treats.  God bless those people.

Weight - down .6 since yesterday; 7.2 total!

Workout - NONE :( I didn't wake up early enough and did not have a chance during the day or after the movie (I didn't get home till 3:30 Friday morning), which I felt AWFUL about all day...I've never not done at least part of the workout, but no guilt train for me, sometimes life gets in the way, at least that's what I'm telling myself so I don't burst into tears.

Food - Today was the first day of the cleanse.  I only made 5 of the 7 foods because I wanted to actually consume them and they were NOT good.  So, for the next 5 days I'll be noshing on Blueberry Applesauce, Tomato Gazpacho, Kiwi, Turkey Protein Soup, and Chocolate Chestnut Pudding.  Today I had the applesauce, gazpacho (surprisingly delicious, I'd been dreading it), kiwi, and pudding.

Well, onto 27...only 4 days left.

26 down, 4 to go:

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