Day #27 - Ridiculous Ass Dance

Nov 21, 2010

It's the WEEKEND!  More important, my LAST weekend of boot camp, No class till after turkey day, and we leave for vacation on Wednesday.  You could knock me over with a feather.  No, really.  I was EXHAUSTED.  Maybe that should be the theme of my boot camp: exhausted, irritable, and sleep deprived. Catchy.  Because I went to see Harry Potter 7 last night, I didn't stroll home till 3:30, and let me tell you my alarm showed no mercy at 5, 6, and 6:30 am.  There was no way in HELL I was working out before work.  After I bounded outta bed like it was burning I went to get dressed and caught a glimpse of myself...OMG, I looked like a Sharpe!  I will NEVER miss a workout again. EVER.  Good Lord the squishy skin!  Lesson learned Tracy, I will never disobey again.

Weight - down 1.4 since yesterday: 8.6 pounds total!  Happy Sharpe dance beeyotches!!!!!

Workout - 25 reps of mat, followed by 20 minutes of cardio.  My old high school (my youngest sisters current school) held a Murder Mystery (uber fun), so I didn't begin working out till 10, and was DETERMINED to get everything in, so I had to cut it short.  Completed mat work in front of the tube watching another riveting episode of the Real Housewives Atlanta (those women crack me up!), and headed to my workout room to rock out cardio before the boy got home.  I was halfway through a brutal cardio session when he opens the door to me flailing around like a drunken fool.  Tracy did say to dance like we were preforming, but apparently even my boyfriend wouldn't pay to see my mad dance skills, uttering something along the lines of "what the hell kinda ridiculous ass dance are you doing"?  Thanks honey, now shut the door.  And smack yourself.  I have to admit, he has been SUPER supportive of my insane obsession with TAM, even eating some of the meals (he is a hoover and I'm the cook, you do the math), and constantly complimenting me on my new shape.  Don't let him fool you, he gives me hell every chance he gets, but I've heard him brag to his friends about what I'm doing and how dedicated (obsessed) I am (I totally eavesdropped - but I heard my name!), so I'll let the "ridiculous ass dance" comment slide.  This time :)

Food - I had all my five choices along with a small slice of BBQ turkey (no sauce) at the Murder Mystery.  The food is actually ALOT even with 5 choices, maybe my stomach shrunk? 

27 down, 3 to go;


  1. I tried to post a comment but then it did that "cathpa" thing. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are an awesome inspiration! Thank you for being a tough act to follow...I just hope it's not an IMPOSSIBLE act for me to follow. Thanks,


  2. Dani, Thank you SO much! There is NO way I would have done this without everyones support and encouragement. You can TOTALLY do this, make it work for you and rock it out. Best of luck :)


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