Day #29 - Lazy Day

Nov 22, 2010

Sunday. A day of rest right?  Well apparently I took that literally and was in bed MAJORITY of the day.  I'm talking minus bathroom and food breaks I was napping, watching TV and napping.  I felt so sluggish and worn out, could it be from bar hopping or my workout yesterday.  Whatever it was had me down for the count. 

Weight - down .8 since yesterday; 10 pounds total! 

Food- Cleanse food is starting to get old.  Had kiwi (twice), protein soup, and pudding.  I'm not sure if it's the fact I'm getting bored of the food or I'm just not hungry, but I'm not fighting the feeling of not eating if I'm not hungry.  Who would have thunk it?  Not eating when you are not hungry?  By George I think I'm getting it!

Workout - BRUTAL.  I was so tired and achy I did NOT want anything to do with working out (and didn't get off my behind to start till almost 5), but got off my new booty and went to work anyway.  I totally used the TV, itunes, and whatever else I could to keep my mind off the fact I was working out and distracting my body from the blinding burn in my butt and back of my legs  Did 25 reps of mat and 20 minutes of cardio.  I have noticed cardio is really hard to build on if you decrease for a day or two...I'll try to NEVER make that mistake again.  Ouch. 

I cannot believe day #30 is tomorrow!  What a journey this has been, stay tuned for my final results, if it's anything compared to how well I feel now I think its been a success! 

29 down, 1 to go;

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