Day #8 - Shame, Shame, Shame

Nov 1, 2010

Really, could it be Halloween already?  I swear it was just Easter.  My how time flies!  Speaking of flying, I woke up around 8, excited to start the day (OK, truthfully I couldn't sleep any longer).  Swept, mopped, went to ANOTHER grocery store for last minute items, came home and put up landscaping lights (I've only had them a month) and put together our new fire pit (also purchased months ago, man I'm a procrastinator). I must have been bit by the productive bug, twice- nevertheless welcome back energy, I've missed you so!

Workout was no different, I rocked through 50 reps (wow, it takes way longer), and 40 minutes of uninterrupted cardio, glad to get it out of the way for today, it was after all Halloween!  How can you NOT love a holiday where you can gorge on candy?  Oh, reality check, a holiday everyone else but ME gorges on delicious (albeit teeth rotting and fattening) candy.  I was less than fazed, no bite sized treat was going to bring me down.  I can proudly say I did not have one bite.  On a side note, I've been stuck at 40 minutes of cardio since I began TAM boot camp, the sheer thought of increasing the time exhausts me more than words can describe.  By the time I do the entire workout (with 40 min of cardio), I am BEYOND spent.  Guess that's something to work on...

Weight- down a total of 5.2 pounds baby!  Now remember I was sick (i.e. loss of appetite) for two days, so this number may be a tad skewed, but I was estatic nonetheless!  Can I just say how wonderful that number looks on my scale? Not to mention how non squishy I feel, it's a beautiful day.

Food-Breakfast was berry compote, so I opted for blueberries and pomegranate (such a tasty combo).  Since my day grew increasingly more frantic because of the looming get together and adorable trick o' treaters, I didn't have time for lunch, having honeydew instead.  Let me back up.  Every year since we have been in our new house we make a night out of passing out candy to trick o' treaters, inviting over family and friends to eat and hang out.  This year was no different, and as usual I did the cooking.  Let me just say, I don't think I thought this through because I planned the menu BTAM (before TAM), which consisted of:  Cincinnati style chili with ALL the trimmings (think cheese, onion, Frito's, etc), hot dogs, chips/salsa, pretzels, stuffed mushrooms, Halloween oreos, pumpkin swirl sweet bread, all made by my two TAM driven hands (told you I LOVE to cook, thus my squishy dilemma cuz I LOVE to eat!).  Now getting all the food together was a breeze until I started making the chili, then the most AWFUL thing happened. I tasted some of the ground turkey!  After that it was OVER folks because I sat down and had a good sized bowl of chili (though I did not overeat) with cheese and onions w/ a hot dog (no bun).  Now, remember I did not have lunch that day, but STILL I succumbed to the hearty chili and gave in to my food demons.  I cannot describe how AWFUL I feel inside for breaking my all TAM all the time menu.  I thought my plan was foolproof. I had grapes on hand for any snacking needs so I didn't have anything off the menu and was doing awesome till I smelled the darn chili.  I'm sure there is a lesson for me to learn from this but I'm still to pissed at myself to figure it out right now (I'm literally on the verge of tears because I've let myself and my wonderful encouraging TAM friends down). I can only imagine what this will do to my scale, and it was just starting to like me again.  It goes without saying I will workout tomorrow like the world is ending to avenge my awful deed.

Disappointed about today, but optimistic for Day #9,



  1. I know you're disappointed but don't let it do your head in. You're better than a bowl of chilli! In any case, you've done enough exercise to counteract 1 meal of turkey chilli and a hot dog, focus on your reps & cardio accomplishments instead.

    Rock on tomorrow like I know you will!!

  2. Do not let 1 small slip, you did not have any sweets and that is no small feat on Halloween, get in the way of being the TAM girl that you are. Do not forget You have lost over 5 lbs in 1 week!! Keep working and inspiring us!

  3. Don't bring yourself down! You sure as heck (sorry for the cursing) haven't let me down! I'm just glad to read you're a person :D You know what - we're in this for the long run (at least that's what I tell myself) so don't think about it as a slip. Just dust yourself off and think that tomorrow is a new day and you're gonna reach your goal! :) It's 6.15 pm here in Sweden and I STILL haven't done my workout! *sigh* but I'm gonna... in a few minutes... *sigh* :)

  4. Ladies, u are SO sweet. Thx for ur kind words, regret is the devil!

    Caroline u can SO rock out ur workout-do it girlie!


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