Day #9 - Redemption

Nov 2, 2010

Today was rough. Woke up late (no surprise) without a chance to get in my workout before the day began,  but luckily packed my meals the night before.

Weight - the unspeakable happened.  I got my appetite back, thus so did my scale.  Down a total of 3 pounds to date.  I'm determined to get that damn scale to bow down to me...

Food - Breakfast was blackberries and blueberries w/ OJ, nice taste, but I could do without the OJ.  I like my fruit in the buff, lol.  Lunch ended up not being on the menu, I was out of the office majority of the day and couldn't bring my lunch with me.  I can happily report I ordered a chicken Caesar salad (dressing on the side), eating only the grilled chicken, lettuce and bits of cheese (the shake Parmesan kind).  My lunch companion, however, had a sandwich and french fries.  Have I mentioned my deep affinity for fried potatoes?  It took EVERY ounce of willpower I had not to pile drive him and manhandle those fries,  I'm sure it was totally obvious I wanted the fries because I could not take my eyes off of them.   Oh to have salt and grease again!  Snack was suppose to be beet salad, but I opted for an orange instead.  Dinner was chicken protein soup.

Workout - This is the last day of sequence 1, and I have to say I thought it'd be a bit easier.  But silly me, the word easy and TAM do not mix.  It was a bear!  Managed 55 reps of mat work, but I'll admit now that it was such a struggle to get through them (a combination of paranoia I'd be murdered while I did my mat work-I was home alone, and guilt from yesterday), so I took my workout gear and finished while watching Dancing With the Stars.  I see why Tracy wants you to have no distractions, I kept losing count!  Hopefully my toning ass will not be lopsided because of it.   Fortunately I got through 40 minutes of cardio continuously, I danced my chili eating ass off!  I danced for my frustration, my "truffle shuffle", and for anything else that came to mind while I worked out.  I burned my frustration and guilt away and it felt fantastic.  Redemption is mine "truffle shuffle"!

As for my "slip up", I read your encouraging comments (they brought tears to my eyes-in a good way), and realized that I have to put the one non TAM meal behind me, move forward to sequence 2 with a clear mind and second wind, understanding I'm not a always going to do exactly as I'd like, and to learn from them, minus the pity party.  Tomorrow is a new day, #10 to be exact, and I can't wait to measure my progress!

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