1 Month TAM-iversary

Dec 26, 2010

This week I did WAY better than the last 3, a testament that I CAN make my post BC goals attainable AND live life (though I've still got a ways to go, it's a journey people).  Of course, since its Christmas time their are LOADS of naughty treats hovering around every corner, and I feel increasingly like Lara the Tomb Raider creeping around corners with my semi-automatic fat weapon, ready to blast away anyone and anything that tried to shove treats into my mouth and onto my fading truffle shuffle.  See what I had to fend off?  Not to mention this was RIGHT outside my office...I almost resorted to closing my eyes each time I passed (too bad I TOTALLY crashed into the credenza when I tried-I have the brusie to prove it)....

I did exceedingly well, save for a few nibbles of naughty treats.  In addition, there were countless Christmas luncheons, and a Christmas breakfast that I TOTALLY indulged in.  In hindsight I "may" have eaten past satiety, and "could" have put down the fork sooner, but considering I used to be the founding member of the "clean your plate/refrigerator club",  I'm making strides in the right direction, which is the direction with rock hard abs and a firm booty in case my goals weren't clear ;)  My 80/20 was just that.  I ate meals, keeping in mind my 20, and although some meals were my 20, I STILL made a conscious effort not to indulge too much, though I bought dark chocolate covered almonds and have been demolishing them like I'm fighting crime one almond at a time, plus I rationalized that instead of raw almonds WITH chocolate chips I would buy raw almonds COVERED in dark chocolate, makes perfect sense right???...Oh, and just in case I "forgot" how it feels to NOT have clean food in my body, my body has held true to its end of the bargain and I PAID for the tiny brownie (literally 1/4 of a dollar bill), and egg scramble I concocted (too much random cheese).  It is SO comforting to know that in case I forget how HELLACIOUS it feels to digest crap food, my body will remind me...how sweet of it, right?!  I've been very cautious of carbs since bootcamp (basically scared shitless), mostly because their weren't any in the menu (save for quinoa and a few others), so when I had Ritz crackers for the first time (my carb cryptonite, damn you buttery cracker!) I was terrified.  Granted I INHALED 10 before I realized I had even opened the package (who ate all those?), but other than a sandwich one day and a few bites of angel hair pasta with my scallops, the carb devil has not invaded my mini baby abdominals.  I'll say again that breakfast has been my best meal,  with fruit, and mini flavored kefir being my STAPLE (pomegranate and strawberry are delish).

Oh, I almost forgot.  I made Kale Chips.  Thanks to some sweet person on the TAM facebook page who posted the recipe I am OFFICIALLY hooked!  I'd been hesitant to try them thus far, partly because I was in Kale overload from bootcamp, and cuz it sounds odd, but let me tell you they taste JUST LIKE LAYS chips!  No joke, they taste like potato chips (you can't eat just one!), except they are green, a vegetable and are baked.  If you haven't tried them, DO IT, you will NOT be disappointed.  Plus they are BEYOND easy to make.  I toseed mine in EVOO and a lil kosher salt (beware making these when u are tired, I forgot the spigot on the salt is NOT a shaker...can we say SALTY!??)

My one month TAM-iversary was here, and WAY too quickly I thought.  "How much have I changed since bootcamp"?  "Did I gain it all back?"  "Have I totally fallen off the wagon?"  The days leading to my TAM-iversary were like walking the plank on a pirate ship (ok, I'm being melodramatic)...you know what's looming ahead and have no choice but to jump off the edge and gold your breath.  Here goes nothing...

Weight - 118.0 (.6 more than the final day of bootcamp)
Bust - 33 1/2 (gained an 1/2 inch back, but I must say a little ta-ta action never hurt anyone...)
Waist - 27 above the belly button; 28 at the belly button (SAME!)
Hips - 36 (SAME!)
Thighs - 21 (SAME!)
Arms - 11 (SAME!)

Shut the front door and lock it, I maintained my results!!!!!!!!!!  Granted I gained .6 pounds and a 1/2 inch to my bust (which, not gonna lie am glad came back, what's a girl without her secret weapon?), I consider it a MAJOR positive that those were the only changes 1 month post bootcamp.  Especially considering my food hug, mother nature, lackluster workouts, and drunken food binges.  Here's a pic of my old size 4's, an ode to my improvement (and hopefully a reminder I need to workout to stay out of them!).  The rear shot was SUPER baggy (like I crapped my pants, twice), but somehow I deleted it before I could post it and already gave away the jeans (I don't need any temptation to go back to them).  By the way, my new size 2 feel FANTASTIC every time I slip them on...just sayin.  Makes me smile just thinking about them.  I feel like an 80's movie, but instead of obsessing over a guy, I'm utterly in LOVE with my new size.

Workouts the past week have been an improvement, but need SERIOUS intervention still. I joined Laura in her 5 day challenge and failed miserably.  I said "hell yeah" as soon as I heard about it, but after my final I came home and passed out.  Not good for day 1.  Overall I should have received a big fat F because out of the five days I think I got in 1 full workout....sad state of affairs I know.  Anywho, over the last week (more like 10 days) I completed:

-PD1 - 3 x's
-Beg. Dance Cardio - 4 x's (including BC cardio for variety)

An improvement, but there is STILL work that needs to be done...I HAVE got to kick up my workouts and STOP letting my inner squishy girl talk me out of it.

All in all, considering I had a final (Got a B in my class! -read: caffeine induced hazes), excess carbs, dinners out, a night of drinking (holy Vodka tonic with loads of lime all while rocking my new size 2's, really I think I strutted around ALL night), lots of time on the road for work, I managed to make time for TAM.  I'm not gonna lie, having my friend (who recently began BC) see me for the first time post BC and say "OMG, you look AMAZING, you are my inspiration", along with some very sweet observations of all my hard-work TOTALLY makes it easier to workout.  Having said that I've got some serious prioritizing to do so that I can truly continue the results from BC and improve my body.  Hopefully the next week will not totally blow my almost nonexistent weight range with Christmas coming, but I'll guess we shall see, cuz stretchy pants are NOT cute and I will NOT be their friend no matter how hard the holiday feasts stare me in the face...I hope :)

Merry Christmas!

Love and TAM,


  1. Well done! A month in and you've kept your results.

    Hope you had a great Christmas!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Well done, keep it up!

  3. Looks like you are doing a great job keeping those fab results!

  4. Ohmagosh, I NEED that recipe! Email it to me girlfren!

    Btw, thank you so so so much for your sweet comment today....it made my day!!!

    I'm so gonna be doing some back reading here, LOVE your blog...

  5. Hi!

    Thanks for reading my blog :) Woho I'm glad!

    Haha funny thing... I had already bookmarked your page :) but i didn't realize it was you :) Is it Ok if I link your name? :)

  6. Thx ladies, your sweet words made my day :)

    Summer, I'll def post the recipe...

    Caroline, you can totally post my name!

    Hope you guys have a fab week! New posts coming soon, I've been slacking!


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