Day #30 - TAM: The Results, Part Two

Dec 6, 2010

I know what you are all thinking...Sweet lord could it have taken me any longer to post day #30 part two?  Honestly, I have an excuse, a REALLY good one (or three).  First, I went on vacation to sunny Los Angeles 2 days post boot camp for five glorious days.  Second, I've been baffled on how to crop my photos so you don't see my HORRENDOUS bed head.  Third, I've been a lazy/crazy busy hot mess.  Well I guess there is nowhere to start but the beginning, so here it goes.  My first day post TAM I busted outta work and down the highway like Mario Andrietti to my nearest mall and went ape in J.Crew.  It's my favorite store anyway, but with my new post TAM body I was a force to be reckoned with, I'm sure the saleslady thought I was insane flinging clothes in her direction to set up a fitting room for me (I made it up to her with the obscene amount of money "Pretty Woman" style I spent in less than an hour).  It was the moment of truth in front of awful mirrors and terrible fluorescent lighting (can a girl get a soft bulb, wine and a candle, jeez?), 30 days worth of blood (OK I'm being dramatic), sweat (ALOT of fairy dust), and tears (my tear ducts are dry) was about to be tested right before my eyes.  How do clothes fit my ever firming booty now?  Oh.My.Goodness.  You have GOT to be FUCKING kidding me, this isn't my body, the mirror must be broken, and those DEFINITELY are not size 2 pants you are trying on...oh but it WAS and they fit like a glove!!!!!!  Break out the marching band and streamers people, I went down an ENTIRE pants size (from a 4 to a 2)!  I'll say now the people shopping probably heard my screams of joy and disbelief, and I could care less cuz I was on cloud 9!  If I had no inhibitions I probably would have strutted out into the store half naked and personally told everyone my TAM story and ask them to check out my ass and mini baby abdominals...

Vacation was the icing on my non-cupcake; LA was gorgeous.  Sunny, warm, and full of fun things to see (i.e. find Tracy Anderson's studio while discretely telling the boy I was "lost"-I found the street but could not find the studio- but how cool would it have been to get a picture outside, or better, with Tracy herself!).  Instead of trekking the Show Me state for the better part of Thanksgiving we decided to hit the road and go somewhere neither of us have been before.  Um, why didn't we think of this sooner?  Great weather, you don't have to cook (OK we never have to) AND no work, thoughts of work, or any plans other than which site to see that day.  And, bonus, I brought my new post TAM body with me.  I won't lie I brought my book and DVD along for the trip, and actually got in a few abs and arms most nights, along with walking as much as humanly possible.  Yep, you guessed it, because I ate like my inner fat girl JUST got off the bus from fat camp and her tummy was growling.  I did well considering EVERY meal was at a restaurant, but I won't even try to fool you because I HAD my french fries, ALOT of french fries, and burgers, frozen yogurt, cupcakes, wine, margaritas, sake shots, sushi....I could go on but you get my drift.  I did NOT deprive myself of naughty treats while on vacation (at one point I almost left the boy on the side of the road because we were intoxicated and he ruined my first cheeseburger (I had only taken one bite) and the second was almost knocked outta my hand because he kept bumping me....he heard about it the next morning, and reminds me of my rage each time he thinks of red meat.  Dude, don't mess with a drunk slimmer girl who's inner squishy girl is HUNGRY, you could lose a limb, just saying. 

OK, now for a moment of truth.  Looking at these photos is a sobering reality of how far I have come and reaffirms my promise to myself that I refuse to EVER be squishy again.  DISCLAIMER: If you have weak stomachs or get a lil queasy, please scroll down and avert your eyes...

            BEFORE                                                                       AFTER

It's amazing how much our bodies, self esteem, eating habits, and mentality change after boot camp.  I plan to continue with the Perfect Design series and Beginner Dance Cardio, journal, blog at least once a week, measure on my TAM-versary of each month, the 22nd, continue to tone, stay under 120 lbs, and eat using the 80/20 rule.  

Well, off to bed for now my TAM friends, thank you SO much for all of your follows, support and encouraging words, I could not have done this without you!

Here's a pic from Runyon Canyon while on vacation-more post/before TAM pics to come soon!  

Till next blog, 1 week post boot camp...

Love and TAM,


  1. Congratulations! This is discipline at its best!

  2. Wow I saw these pics now and I'm - speechless!! Even though I actually think you were kinda small from the beginning I could really tell a difference! You look more toned on the afterpics :) Great job!!


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