2 Months Post TAM: Failed challenge, illness, and measurements

Jan 23, 2011

I'm baaaack! To the land of the living that is.  I've been sick since last Monday (fever, chills, congestion, oh my!), unfortunately one day after my taking charge challenge to get myself down to the lowest part of my weight range began.  Really?  My body was throwing SERIOUS fits (keeping down food was a CHORE) so although I'd like to think I made the decision to rest up and get well, I'd be lying because my body pretty much decided I would be doing nothing but sweating out fevers, waking to take medicine, and living in my pajamas on my couch.  Then just as I thought I was getting better, and went back to work, BAM! my body had other ideas.  Awesome.  Long story longer, I'm FINALLY rid of the whole body aches almost a week later and eager to get back to business.  While confined to my couch I had PLENTY of time to bond with my DVR and catch up on every one's blogs, which my sister calls a little "obsessive".  I think its therapeutic to read/watch others journey to fitness, and I guess I am a "bit" obsessed (I HAVE to read blogs and check the TAM fb site everyday-its SO motivational!), but Tracy has opened my eyes and transformed my fitness outlook in a positive way I never thought possible since BC.  AE has a new show called, "Heavy", which chronicles two people each week on their 6 month weight loss journey.  It was beyond eye opening.  I had doubts, tears and frustration attempting to gain better body confidence and lose a few pounds, and these folks lost a person (the guy lost 162 lbs). Talk about compounding the mental, emotional, and physical stress. Just reminds me that EVERYONE, regardless of their goals, has a journey ahead of them, it comes easy to no one.

2 Month TAM-iversary results:

Weight - 117.0 (down .4 lbs since BC)
Bust - 33 (same)
Waist - 27 Above the belly button; 28 1/2 at belly button (up 1/2 in @ belly button since BC)
Hips - 36 (same)
Thighs - 20 1/2 (down 1/2 inch since BC)
Arms - 10 1/2 (down 1/2 inch since BC)

I can hear the Hallelujah chorus playing, I've continued my results and even (gasp) LOST more after boot camp...happy dance!

Rocked out PD2 to my ipod, along with V abs (I'm totally in LOVE with this one), and  my first try at Franco Valente #1, 2 cardio.  1st post sickness workout, DONE!  I've still got some work to do in order to get down into the lowest part of my weight range, 3 pounds to be exact.  Barring any other illness, hopefully I can dominate this weight range this week, after all my first workout is completed!

On a different note, Tracy came out with a new program!  Metamorphosis by Tracy.  It's a 90 day program focused on body type.  How neat is that!  I've still got PD3 to complete, but I'm already looking forward to it!  The important question is, "which body type am I?"  Having seen all my squishy parts in 3D, I'd love your feedback.

Well, better be off to bed so I can rise (hopefully) at 4:45 to get my workout in.  Hope everyone had a better week than I did, and thanks for all the get well wishes :)

Love & TAM,

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