PD2: The return of Chip Lady

Jan 16, 2011

So for some crazy reason I got the idea that grad school resumed in the middle of January like every other self-respecting university...oh no, not my school, we started classes on the 3rd :(  Really?  I'm not gonna lie, the last two weeks have been a teary eyed haze.  First, all that "stuff" I was going to do and all that "sleep" I was going to catch up on pretty much didn't happen.  Needless to say tears came after I realized I had yet to get my books...what class am I taking again?  Oh, yeah, finance.  Shitballs.  This is also where the tears came in. again.  Marcia + math = loads of tears, yelling, stress and more tears.  You wondering where I'm going with all this school talk, but I have a point I promise, hang in there...So I walk into class on the first day, sit down in the front row (such a suck up I know) and realize who sitting on my left????  Yep, CHIP LADY!!!!  I almost crapped my pants and I'm pretty sure I let out a small but shrill scream.  Really God?  He sure does have a sense of humor.  In case you missed my ongoing battle during boot camp (in my head of course, she has NO clue) with the chip lady, let me rewind a bit.  Last semester when I began boot camp to my surprise (and deep rage filled anger) I realized that this woman who I have a) NEVER met, b) had NO clue that I was doing TAM boot camp, nor c) had ANY idea who I was (besides sitting next to one another) taunted me every week by bringing in brick sized rice krispie treats, bags of potato chips and every other naughty goodies known to man that tastes fantastic but is surprisingly NOT on the TAM menu, thus my deep disgust and anger based only on the fact that, "she should know I'm on TAM, and should NOT tempt me with these naughty delights".  I spent the better part of last semester obsessing over her food and deepening my disgust toward my arch nemesis the "Chip Lady" (thx Carrie for the nickname!).  I was fully prepared to fend off her negative food choices from my new TAM figure this time, but I STILL found myself eyeballing what she brought, chalking up my obsession from last semester, when she totally threw me a curve ball, she brought a sandwich and pretzels?  WTF?  Who is this lady?  Then I thought, "Crap!  She's figured out who I am and read my blog!"  Obviously that's ludicrous, but I was sweating bullets mulling over the possibility I'd been had and she knew her nickname while I was sitting next to her.  Oh it gets better.  We are in the same group!  So, I now know her name and a few facts about her.  But, I won't ruin her bad girl persona and ruin it for you, but I'm sure this semester will be entertaining...

Workouts (Jan 1-15):

PD2 - the new sequence is actually not bad.  The arms seem easier, but the leg lift chair thing from hell was brutal.  The abs ROCK; and BCC #1 on Jan 5th.  I also bought a space heater and new yoga mat.  Transformed my workout.  I thought I was warm until I used that heater in my enclosed spare room, holy cow I can tell the difference!  I feel more limber, sweat more, and I'm not as sore afterwards.  Steve walked in and told me I was going to "have a heat stroke", but I thought it felt great!  Plus, I'll die attempting to get a 6 pack...

                                                                     My new space heater and ultra cushy yoga mat

PD2, BDC #4,2,3 on Jan 8th.  

PD2, BCC #1,2, BDC #3,4 on Jan 11th.  

PD2 on Jan 14th...I fell asleep FULLY clothed on my couch after mat work, oops.

I know you are all adding up the times I actually got off my rear and broke a sweat, its not pretty is it?  Post boot camp I am having some SERIOUS issues getting my ass up and working out.  I thought I was prepared, buying food in advance, eating clean as I can on the road, but working out consistently has been my cryptonite and frankly it's beginning to upset me.  There is NO way in HELL I am going to jeopardize my AMAZING results from boot camp and fall back into old habits, but why can't I muster the energy to workout?  First, I've realized I'm still employing the awful notion of not doing anything on days I can't get in the full workout.  Second, I'm not holding myself as accountable as I did during boot camp.  So, I have to turn over a new leaf and do the following:

1.) Get down to the lowest point of my weight zone (114).  Tinkering at the top has got to stop!
2.) Workout.  Plain and simple.  Get off my butt and workout, even if I can only get in an hour.  NO EXCUSES!
3.) Be more diligent about blogging.  Granted I'm sure the weight of the world doesn't rely on my blog, but it holds me accountable.
4.) Continue eating clean and 80/20.  This has been easier than I thought, but then again when I eat something bad my body REJECTS it and I think twice before letting it cross my lips again unless its AMAZEBALLS and I'll have just a taste. In addition, I have to actually pack food when I have class, sufficing for 4 hours on a granola bar and not a proper dinner just makes me cranky (not to mention my epic failed attempt at fast food on my way to class-I tried to got a meal that was overcooked and just plain bad, not to mention it made me late for class-lesson learned. again) . 

That being said, I've been gearing up to achieve my goals (remember I gotta eliminate ALL excuses so I can fully devote myself).  I started by making bookmarks of all the TAM YouTube videos on my Mac book, printing out ALL the cleanses, and recipes from her website, and gathering all my notes (and words of encouragement-I've got all the wonderful comments I got after BC), making a binder for each.  This way I have all the Rx workouts and recipes handy.  Wow, I'm so type A, lol :)

                                                                                        Note and Recipe Binder
Planning aside, I'm going to make weekly goals and try to plan my meals better.  My goal this week is to workout EVERYDAY this week Sun-Sat) AND do my own version of a cleanse.  I am also going to attempt to blog everyday again (including my menu) to keep me on track.  Hopefully this will get my down into the lowest part of my weight zone and re-motivate me to get back to daily workouts, and keep seeing my body transform and tone.  Now that I've typed that I am TOTALLY getting cold feet, but it can SO be done...NO EXCUSES!  

Before I say goodbye I wanted to share a funny pic I found while on the road last week.  Before TAM I would have immediately done this thinking it'd have some magical powers, but now, knowing "sweat is the ONLY fairy dust" it just made me laugh!  

                                                                                  "Drop 3 sizes in 30 minutes"

Love & TAM,


  1. Love the binder idea, that's a really good idea. Life after bootcamp is borderline terrifying but it sounds like you've got a good plan and will do well (I'm super Type A as well).

    Welcome back to accountability!

    <3 Jen

  2. Aaaww, I feel like a star I got a shot out in your blog... Yup, there's some nasty chair work in pd2, wouldn't be the Tracy we all love/hate without it! I found the arms a little more tender than pd1 but maybe I just found them easier to follow in pd2 & did more of them.

    But seriously? Bahahaha! In the same group as The Chip Lady!?! That's hysterical!! Look, I'm sure she's lovely & all but don't be fooled by the pretzels & sandwich. I'm sure she'll be back to her fat laden, salty & crispy ways in no time!

    Carrie xo

  3. The binders are a great idea. Good use of that type A personality : ) Life after BC has to be tough, getting the hang of that middle ground. Keep it up though, you're doing great!!



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