Taking Charge: Day 1

Jan 17, 2011

Ok, here goes nothing.  Day #1 of my "taking charge" week has officially begun.  Power shopped my way through three grocery stores (bulk store for the staples, specialty for hard to find items, and regular grocery for everything else-I swear it saves money so it goes toward more important stuff like shoes), put away all my goods and got to work.  Completed PD2 along with all of BDC (without instruction) and my workout was done, minus a little break in between mat and cardio.  I've never done just the dances on BDC without instruction, but it was a breath of fresh air!  I just have to figure out how to transition between videos faster and increase my cardio time, I think without instruction it's only 25ish minutes.  Food went well too (minus a few fleeting moments of craving cake, cookies, AND brownie).  Had the chocolate banana shake from one of Tracy's cleanses for breakfast, Creamy peanut butter Think Thin bar for lunch, salmon with roasted asparagus for dinner, and a small glass of hot chocolate soy milk.  Overall a good day.  Let's hope the next 6 follow, especially considering I feel like I'm getting sick.  But don't you fret, if Steve has to hold my dying (so dramatic I know) body up like a puppet for my workout, it WILL get done :)

Bring it on day #2!


  1. Sounds like you're doing great!

  2. I usually either double up on the BDC routines or use them in addition to a different dvd. Works nice if you're learning another dvd and only know a few dances then you have some extra cardio to fall back on :)

    Chocolate banana shake sounds super tasty! I'll have to pull that one out after bootcamp.

    Feel better!

    <3 Jen


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