Metamorphsis on my Truffle Shuffle...stat!

Feb 28, 2011

So it's 3 months post boot camp and I'm back to fill you in on all the juicy details.  Since boot camp I've been chugging along through the Perfect Design Series (along with Boot Camp Cardio and Dance Cardio II) which I love AND hate at the same time.  I love that I can follow the video and doesn't feel as if I'm working out alone, but sweet Lord the surprise endings kill me every time, but I guess if it was easy it wouldn't be TAM...I've also been addicted to V-Abs and Goop Arms.  Short, to the point, and pack a serious punch, these YouTube videos are amazing! 

This past month has been a bit of a roller coaster, I do well, get in a good workout, eat clean (the Green Shake from the Holiday Rx is AMAZEBALLS), and others I overeat (waste not want not anonymous anyone?) and have serious battle of the wills with myself.  It was so bad one day I was fully dressed, heater blaring and nothing.  I was so frustrated I sat in my workout space determined to get in some sort of workout-80 degree heat and all (I ended up online shopping for Pretty Peaushun lotion).  Days like that suck monkey butts.  Thankfully Tracy's new content debuted, Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson, which targets specific body parts (think abs, glutes, hips) in a 90 day plan complete with workout tracker, mat work, cardio, meal plans, free access to the meta online community, and measuring tape for 90 days.  Sign me up!  I purchased, you guessed it Abcentric, considering my "truffle shuffle" is my arch nemesis (besides for chip lady), this squishy skin has got to go!  The box arrived all shiny and full of promise, and in no time I had made notes and prepared my game plan.  This time a friend and I are going to be accountability partners so I'm sure it'll be double the fun, get ready to giggle folks...

I FINALLY found a place that has kale juice!  I've been searching for this mythical creature since before boot camp, scouring shelves, googling every local retailer known to man and obsessing over it incessantly. 3rd times a charm I guess :)  It was delish and totally worth the wait.  Since Meta has a TON of juice in the meal plan (and I search for reasons to shop), after much debate I finally purchased a Vitamix Blender.  To rationalize my splurge I attempted to make the Power Juice in my blender just to see if it would work, and because my friend said it wouldn't :)  It took almost 40 minutes to cut the beet, blend everything together, (don't forget to add water along the way, I did and was baffled why my blender shut off...details).  Needless to say it was a disaster, and after sieving my juice (it was thick enough to chew) I yielded a whopping 14oz.  Yeah, not playing that game for 90 days, bring on the Vitamix!

My goals for meta are to tone all over, especially my "mini baby abdominals" as I like to call them, shed a few pounds, and solidify my eating/workout habits while following the mat, cardio and meal plan trifecta she recommends.  I've revisited my weight range and decided to go a tad lower than originally planned due to my awesome results, but don't want to go down another pants size (I just bought all new size 2's - and even a 0 and they feel fantastic!) so that is a work in progress.  Also, I'm having serious concerns about not being social for a 90 days instead of 30 like in boot camp (I do better not eating out obviously), so I'll be working through that as well. 

Day #1:  Assumed the position on the scale, took measurements and photos on truffle shuffle!

-Mat: oh my word.  Tracy STILL kicked my ass!  30 minutes does not discount the workout at all. 

-Cardio: I bounced around like a bobble head for all 30 minutes, and don't get me wrong I like that it is a full 30 minutes, but it will take some getting used to because I'm beyond WIPED by the end.

-Meal Plan: Veggie protein soup (LOVE), Blueberry Applesauce (LOVE), Power Juice (not awful, better when it's cold), glass of white wine.  It says to have one serving of 7 different options each day this week, but it was way too much food for me, hence the short list today.  I'm working on not overeating remember???  Everything was by the book, minus me accidentally adding cilantro to my soup instead of parsley.  Note to self: don't cook while you are watching tv, its distracting...

Overall, day #1 was a success.  Got some of my meals pre-made for the week and my workout done. I've officially laid the gauntlet for my truffle shuffle, bring it!

1 day down; 89 to go,

Love & TAM,

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  1. Look at you go. I'm dabling with the Paleo Diet. It's not as bad as I orginally thought.


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