Class Time = Snack Time

Mar 3, 2011

Tonight was my last finance class (for 9 days at least), so along with group presentations our professor asked for two people to help plan a class party.  It wasn't rocket science that I'd volunteer to help a.) cuz I like to plan a good party, and b.) he offered extra credit.  No problemo right?  Not quite.  I made all these grandiose ideas and plans PRIOR to beginning meta and all its glory, not realizing the pickle of a situation I put myself in.  My classmate (chip lady-ironic right?!) and I stocked up on tortilla chips (gazpacho anyone?), queso dip, salsa, cookies, party mix, I'll stop there to spare you the torture, and so I stop reliving them :)  Even though I spent the next FOUR HOURS less than 3 feet from the food table, I'm happy to report I did NOT have any!  It was no easy feat and I almost lost it, thank God I had the forethought to pack my chocolate pudding and a vitamin water as my first line of defense, cuz I would have been a goner.  Gotta admit that I totally gave folks the stink eye every time they went for refills, and at one point I caught myself eyeballing chip lady eating her chips!  Madness I know.  Workout and meal plan were as prescribed. And I'm officially on Spring Break!

Weight: down 1.8 pounds!

4 days down; 86 to go;

Love & TAM,


  1. Sooooooo.... what does "The Chip Lady" look like? Is she annoyingly TA minus the workouts plus the chips?

  2. I don't want to tell you, it'll make it worse...She's taller than me (not hard cuz I'm 5'2) thin but not TAM thin and tone. Thus it makes it worse cuz she's a naturally thin (no clue I've decided this) chip eating tease! Told ya you didn't wanna know :)


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