Days Go By...(Days 6-10)

Mar 9, 2011

You'd think being on Spring Break (cue Girls Gone Wild) I'd be on top of this whole blog thing, obviously that is NOT the case and I'm a big fat slacker.  Luckily, being all type "A" and OCD has its advantages because not only do I have this blog, I also keep a daily TAM journal, AND take notes throughout the day so that I'm not making up stuff when I profess my rantings (and it keeps me motivated). Sad, but true.  Over the weekend I read the latest edition of Fitness Magazine, and actually retained something instead of blindly flipping pages thinking to myself "these people OBVIOUSLY haven't met Tracy yet"  (For the record I haven't either...yet) and going "oh, cute outfit".  I stumbled upon an article about creating a mantra to help you through tough times, be it work, school, family, or workouts it is suppose to redirect your mind from negative thoughts to positive one's to help you through. It should be specific to your goal (de-stress, workout, etc) but simple enough to remember and recite (or think to yourself) when needed. After way too much thought (and googling-I told you, OCD), I've decided my mantra is:  "You got this".  Not groundbreaking, but simple enough to apply to a few areas of my life right now, especially cardio right around the five minute mark when I feel like my legs (I have yet to tackle mastering the arms-baby steps) may give out and I may die (I've got to stop watching the clock-even using iTunes didn't help my mania). Speaking of iTunes, check out the right side of my music!

Workouts: all as prescribed, 30 minutes of mat work, 30 minutes of cardio.  Gotta love that rest day on day #6 she embeds in there, I felt like I was forgetting to do something all day, but not to worry, I spent my would be workout time SHOPPING :) Oh, and in case you were wondering, 2 glasses of wine + cardio = an interesting workout.  I spent majority of the 1/2 hour flailing around like a drunken fool and dancing like I was a slightly tipsy professional!  Maybe that's the trick to performing cardio.  Wine.  Brilliant Right?

Food: Day #6 had an upset stomach, but ate all meals as prescribed except dinner. I finally tried the carrot/parsnip puree, not awful, but consuming more than a few spoonfuls ruined my appetite.  Hey, I tried.  My accountability partner/good friend and I ordered take out and have wine/Criminal Minds fest.  This is a VAST improvement from our usual nights in together.  Prior to TAM we would have cheeseburgers as an appetizer and ate pretty much anything that wasn't nailed down (we have been know to visit more than one food establishment on our nights in and order FOOD-awful right?).  Luckily, thanks to Ms. Anderson we have reformed our awful ways and instead ordered crab legs (no butter) with fresh steamed veggies and shared a bottle of wine.  Day #7 aka "rest day" fell on Mardi Gras.  Started out the day by trying out my new Vitamix blender...AMAZEBALLS! Made power juice (minus the dirty beet) and it was delish.  Plus, the Vitamix cleans itself!  Just put a little dish soap and water in that bad boy, turn it on for 30 seconds, rinse and let dry.  Genius whoever designed it, sheer genius!  The only non TAM meal I had was tapas with my friends that evening, and although I went WAY over my wine limit for the week, I opted for a mouthwatering baked apple stuffed with pulled pork and pistachios (Best.Idea.Ever.).  Day #8 was a lazy day, as Sundays should be in my eyes, after all even God rested on the 7th day.  All meals were, you guessed it, by the book except dinner where I added a tbsp of feta to my chicken breast (it was cooked in the oven instead of grilled-things that happen when you forget to defrost) and instead of the veggies listed had the asparagus from boot camp (recipe below) because I had a huge bunch of it and its too expensive to waste (plus I saw asparagus on the menu a few weeks down the road so I'm in the clear, right?).  In case I haven't been neurotic enough, let me just elaborate on the fact that I'm having MAJOR "Tracy guilt" about the meal plan. In an effort not to go all psycho and drive myself insane over every morsel I consume outside the comfort of my home, office, or pre-packed tupperware container, I'm going to make a slight change.  I'm still going to follow the meal plan, but will add a little flair so that it is realistic for ME.  I'm continuing to dial down the outings over meals (does the world revolve around food?!), opting for drinks instead, but in cases where drinks are not appropriate I will indulge in a meal out without going ape (i.e. fish, veggies, small dessert, and duh, wine).  Day #9 had raspberries, but only about 1/3 of a cup until I found fur and pitched them.  Thankfully someone had a bday and handed out carrot cake (I REALLY tried to resist).  Lunch was a Kashi Crunchy which turns out to be the wrong kind (I've since made a list of all the drink and bar flavors-stay tuned on a future blog so you don't make the same mistake I did).  By dinner I was ravenous so I had the prescribed plain turkey burger but added a slice of red onion, tbsp of feta, tomato (with a lil cracked black pepper), and 1/2 an avocado.  It was AMAZEBALLS.   I also had an apple.  Day #10 All meals were as prescribed minus the extra slice of turkey bacon that popped into my mouth (holy delightful) and I had dinner with a friend.  Red wine, winter salad (no dressing - small ball of fried Gorgonzola-yum), tapas plate of baby grilled scallops, and a scoop of chocolate ice cream with a cookie.

Weight:  Down a total of  4.4 pounds to date, plus inches, but I won't reveal that until the end along with photos (weight went up a bit Monday, pretty sure it was because you go from baby food to real food, nevertheless mama was NOT happy).

Roasted Asparagus (from the 30 day Boot camp menu):

Asparagus (ends popped off- i.e. the hard part you can't eat)
1/2 Fresh Lemon
Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

Heat oven to 350.  Place asparagus on baking sheet in a single layer and bake for 15 minutes.  Once out of the oven squeeze the lemon and cracked black pepper over veggies.  Enjoy!

10 days down; 80 to go,

Love & TAM,


  1. I only just ordered a vitamix yesterday!! Really expensive here in Oz compared to the US but I'm thinking it's gonna be worth it. Plus you seem in love with it so all good, right? So very excited (it should be here in a couple of days).

  2. Congrats on your purchase, you are going to LOVE it! Plus it comes with a hardbound book full of recipes!


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