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Mar 10, 2011

There must be an omen on my scale, the fucker won't budge!  Granted it hasn't gone up again, holding strong with 4.4 total lost so far (not a complaint, just an infuriating observation).  I'm gonna have to kick my cardio up a notch cuz these last few pounds (to lose to reach my goal weight) are holding on to my truffle shuffle for dear life!  On a happy note, 10 day measurements/photos are done and look promising!

Breakfast- Chocolate Banana Recipe (from her Holiday Rx) (my fave version of the recipe below)

Lunch- Cajun Chicken Sandwich, sauteed Asparagus (we went out for a coworkers bday), and a bite each of bread pudding and cheesecake.  This is my first foray with bread since beginning meta abcentric.  This should be interesting.

Dinner - Tuna. Holy Flavor town.  If you remember from boot camp I am NOT a fishy fish fan, but this was dare I say, AMAZEBALLS?!  I ate way too late (10ish), so I'm sure my body won't digest that before I hit the hay.  Oops.

I decided to update my ipod before working out tonight, not a smart move, but it really helped cardio...I only checked the clock twice!  I improvised on parts when I got tired and just danced like no one was watching.  Speaking of no one watching, I prefer to workout when I'm home alone.  No distractions so I can do my "crazy ass dance" as Steve calls it by myself with no spectators.  It's all fine and dandy until I close the spare bedroom door and start hearing noises.  By the time mat work is over I'm fully convinced someone is in my house even though I've already checked every door, window, AND have the hall light on "just in case" the axe murder decides to stroll in (like I would see him).  It's borderline maddening.  Dance, Dance, Dance, was that a footstep?  Open door, close door.  Dance, dance, dance, what was that sound?  Open door, close door.  This goes on for my entire workout, or until I just leave the door cracked so I can see out.  Obviously all those Criminal Minds re-runs are warping my brain!  E! True Hollywood Story folks, I wish it wasn't so, but it is.  you can commit me after I have rock hard abs OK?

The past few days my left lower back has been bugging me, so on my way home I picked up a king sized heating pad (hey, at least it wasn't a king sized Ghiradelli bar) and some Advil.  Can I just say it works wonders.  Took 3 Advil right before cardio so after I was done and showered it would have begun to work.  Is it sad I'm looking forward to a repeat of the advil/heating pad combo tonight?  Don't knock it till you've tried it folks.  Just sayin...

Chocolate Banana Shake Serves 2 to 4
3 cups frozen diced bananas (if they aren't frozen, just throw in a handful of crushed ice)
2 cups almond milk
¼ cup agave nectar (I add more if my banana isn't ripe-I like them with freckles)
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2 heaping tablespoons organic cocoa powder (Ghiradelli is AMAZING)
Pinch of sea salt
In a blender, puree all ingredients until smooth and creamy.

11 days down; 79 to go,

Love & TAM,

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