Dirty "Beet"

Mar 3, 2011

Don't you just love the Black Eyed Peas?  Who knew they'd know EXACTLY how to describe the foul taste in my mouth.  I usually have my breakfast on the way to work or once I get to work, and since I decided I cannot wait any longer to rev up my new Vitamix, Power Juice would need to be on today's menu.  To make things interesting since I was NOT looking forward to tempting beet juice: part duex, I vowed to finish my juice before I pulled into the garage at work, not a lofty goal considering it was only 7 oz and I live about 20 minutes from work.  Boy, was I wrong!  Maybe my adrenaline was pumping when I originally made and consumed the first half (it wasn't bad chilled), or it was so fresh the beet hadn't had enough time to ferment all its earthy dirt flavors, but for whatever reason, I gagged LITERALLY every time the glass touched my lips.  Who knew when I'd be describing the juice to a friend I'd explain it as, "better cold, with a dirt undertone".  Really?  Beets to me taste as if someone opens your mouth and dumps a shovel full of earth onto your tongue.  Just thinking about beets turn my stomach.  Needless to say beets have no place in my fridge or my tummy, so I will be omitting them from my power juice in the future (I may try only using 1/2 beets the recipe calls for first) in an effort not to throw up (I was darn close).  Anyone want 5 beets???  All my other meals were as prescribed.  I've still yet to attempt carrot parsnip puree, or give the gazpacho another go since my tortilla chip tantrum.

Mood:  Better than yesterday, with more energy

Weight: down another .6 pounds

Workout was an improvement, cardio is getting better each day (don't buy tickets to the show just yet though) but my legs were ACHING all night for some odd reason.

I finally found the Vitamin Water Zero she approves of at a gas station the other day on the road for work (grocery stores don't seem to carry them near me, and I haven't stepped foot in a gas station since debit cards were invented-thank goodness I ventured inside today!).  I gotta admit, I am NOT a sports drink person (I prefer ice water) but they are delish, cold of course :)

3 days down; 87 to go,

Love & TAM,

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