Gazpacho = NO

Mar 4, 2011

Not gonna lie, yesterday was an absolute blur.  Had a ridiculously early meeting for work and the day seemed to be over before I knew what time it was.  Had my old faithfuls applesauce, choc pudding, along with hot tea and 1/2 a vitamin water for meals.  As you probably guessed, I attempted gazpacho again (only because it was at work and I forgot my soup).  Yep, still not a fan.  The flavors are great, but eating it as cold soup leaves something to be desired.  Therefore, gazpacho = NO. I was utterly exhausted once I got home so I watched a bit of TV and had my choc pudding before tackling today's workout.  In hindsight I "should" have worked out BEFORE I got all cozy on the couch and the night progressed, but I live on the wild side and like to make things interesting.  Didn't start my workout till 9ish.  Mat wasn't bad, I'm actually finding my groove with some of the moves, but cardio was another story.  Apparently I hit a wall.  Video on, heater blaring and I'm EXHAUSTED before she even says the dreaded, "you're at the 5 minute marker", which makes me want to cry and scream at the same time because we all know it feels like it's been at least 20 minutes.  I was not feeling cardio AT ALL today, so there was alot of free styling, clock watching and complaining going on, but I tough it out and finished.  I don't mean to be ungrateful because 1 hour a day as oppose to 2+ hours a day is a drastic and welcome improvement, especially considering the content still challenges you in true TAM fashion which I adore.  Yesterday just wasn't my day I've decided.  Should have just stayed in bed staring at my mini baby abdonimals who are beginning to show their gorgeous ab existence all day. 

Weight: no change, but (gentlemen avert your eyes) considering I just started today I'm thankful (and surprised) it didn't balloon.  Anyone else notice how less awful their period is on TAM?  Usually I'm a water retaining, kangaroo pouched mess. OK, TMI, but I had to get that out :)

Thankfully my new weight goal is within spitting distance!   I've been pondering continuing the meal plan by the letter, or following it partially. I've decided (I think) once I reach my new goal weight I will go to following the meal plan partially, using the recipes for the corresponding weeks as laid out, but maybe adding in yogurt and a bit of cheese.  My concern is that I'm happy with my new size (2 if I haven't mentioned it 50 times before, can you tell I'm over the moon?) and don't want to lose more weight, but instead tone/maintain once I reach my goal and into the future.  Not sure how it will all pan out, or how to go about it so I'm just going to shop for the next TAM week as planned and play things by ear each day till I can figure out a balance. 

5 days down; 85 to go:

Love & TAM,

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