Getting A Leg Up

Mar 23, 2011

Sequence three, you're a riot.  No really, if I considered myself a good candidate for Cirque du Soliel I would have auditioned years ago, but alas I'm NOT an acrobat so WHY would I be placing my leg in a place Lord knows I won't be able to retrieve it from without a crane??? The move where she prefaces by saying, "this move has a few parts" made me nervous giggle and get teary eyed.  Get on all fours, put you right leg diagonally in front of you, lift (gracefully)behind you and straighten, bring down and "swing" back into the start position.  Yep, that's cake, totally got that on the first try, NOT.  I was super excited/nervous for the new content.  Grateful to move forward, afraid of what was to come in my ongoing effort to tame the truffle shuffle.  Loving the boiled eggs this week (I was to chicken to try them week #1), and shocker I like them without salt!  Holy smokes I just had a breakthrough, I CAN eat things plain, who would have guessed?  Had a Tuna Unwich from Jimmy Johns for lunch (its wrapped in lettuce), if you haven't had one do yourself a favor and indulge. Delish (beware: their recipe uses mayo NOT mustard like the menu).  Totally had custard for dinner (turtle flavor - lite custard) to be exact.  I won't hide the fact I had way more than I should have (I think I yelled medium before she even asked), but every single bite was heaven and I do not regret one spoonful :)

Weight - still holding at 116 and it's getting on my nerves.  Go down!!!!

Mat work wasn't awful, and granted my legs felt like lead once it was all said and done, but I like to new content.  Cardio was another story.  Why is it TWICE as hard?  I'm pretty sure cardio is the only constant in the 90 days, yet I cannot seem to grasp the concept.  It was a sweaty mess.  I still wouldn't pay to watch me perform, laugh and make fun of yes, watch and compare to Swan Lake, no.  And, I swear each day I notice a new move.

24 days down; 66 to go,

Love & TAM,


  1. Hey Marcia, Not sure how old you are, but back in the day when we played records as kids, there was always talk of hidden messages on them if you played them backwards. I'm convinced that there are hidden moves in the dance cardio and every once in a while, the DVD is programmed to play backwards and we get a new (impossible) twist. I mean really, could she possibly jump around any more? Gotta love the results tho - you're doing great. Wish I'd been at the St.Patty's day party!

  2. OMG, YES! I'm so glad I'm not the only one, its maddening to find new stuff-probably because I struggle to keep up in the first place, lol. Yeah, how much more can we hoist ourselves around? I literally feel like I have zero control and just toss my body around hoping to resemble at least portion of what she does. The results keep me coming back for more that's the truth-I'm addicted, even if I bitch all the way to rock hard abs :) Oh, I'm 28.

  3. I love the frozen yogurt :) I've been dying for some arctic zero, can't wait to go home and get some!

  4. I STILL haven't had Arctic Zero, my friend picked some up for me, can't wait to try it! What are your favorite flavors?


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