Hoisting My Lady Parts & The Pyscho Lady @ Target (Days 13-16)

Mar 15, 2011

Wow, hopefully my weekend long sans blogging will end soon, sadly, there is NOTHING that I did that was SO important I couldn't blog other than I was tired.  Does that count???

Day #13: Kiwi and Blueberry (yum), think thin bite (cookies & cream), saganaki (Greek kasseri cheese that's lit on fire-Opa!), gyro salad with extra gyro and a glass of wine.  Did mat work after I got back from my day on the road for work, but didn't have enough time to get in cardio before I met my TAM partner/friend to paint pottery and have dinner.  My lower back (left)  is still bugging me, but not as bad as before.  Weight, up .6  from yesterday :(

Day #14: I bought this microwave egg poacher because cooking them on the stove sounds WAY too complex for me, but this microwave deal (or maybe the user?) almost fried the egg.  Had one bite and pitched it.  Also had 3 slices of Turkey Bacon, and an apple.  Went to my little sisters (the one who tells people I'm "working on my six pack") first soccer game, had a think thin, and then took her out to dinner.  Pho anyone?  Had 2 Spring Rolls with the Ginger Dip, and Pho Ga (sweet delicious).  Did 30 minutes of Boot Camp cardio since I missed my cardio on Friday, thus no rest day for me.  Weight- down 1 pound!

Day #15:  Sunday, my personally declared "lazy" day.  The only food I prepped for the week was one serving of tuna and the chili.  Oy vey, I'm screwed :(  I did, since you are wondering what the hell I did for the rest of the day watch my Vitamix DVD and take notes...that thing is AMAZEBALLS!  Made grand plans to make frozen yogurt (still can't find Arctic zero), but like I said before NOTHING got done so that idea faded pretty quick.  Had Yogurt Foster as I like to call it (recipe below) for breakfast (I added a few crushed pecans as well), its an alternative to the dessert and uses...yogurt.  Brilliant right?  Its AMAZING.  Had chili (added a bit of black pepper and fresh Parmesan-the parm was not needed, oh I used the whole jalapeno to add some kick), wine and a bit of Ben and Jerry Sorbet (again, no Arctic zero-this is 110 calories per serving, I had just that).  Did both mat and cardio, and in an effort to get my ass in gear and demolish the extra skin that has taken up residence on my stomach COMPLETELY covering my mini baby abdominals, which I've aptly named "whack-a-mole" I'm doing 40 minutes of cardio this week (adding DC or BCC for 10 minutes).  Remember that game at Chuck E Cheese where you had to whack those pop up moles???  That is so my abs.  They come out, show their beautiful existence, then WHACK!  they go back into hiding...maybe they're scared, cuz I'm pretty sure every time I see them I scream like a banshee.  Next time I'll coax them out with a promise of more "TAM baby food", they really liked that, then as soon as I went back to chewing my meals, WHACK! bye bye mini baby abdominals :(  Weight: same as yesterday; 3.4 lost total in meta thus far.

Day #16: I was on the road ALL day for work (which was a beast because it decided to rain/sleet/snow all 6 blasted hours), so I packed easy to eat and drive foods; grapes, think thin bar, mango slices.  Stopped for gas and got a few Vitamin Water Zero (yep, officially obsessed), then later went to Target and they had them on SALE for $1 (I also found Kashi Go Lean Rolls and Crunchy-finally).  Obviously I got 2 of every flavor they had and was revelling in my savings (and telling the cashier how wonderful they are) when the lady behind me (in her outside voice) says, "those are SO bad for you, WORSE than soda pop.  The cashier and I look at one another in disbelief that this stranger just jumped all up in our conversation and started dissing what Tracy has prescribed.  Oh. No. She. Didn't.  I'm standing there fuming, determined not the backhand this psycho for putting her two cents in when no one asked her!  Obviously, the voice in my head (that sounds like my mom) said "honey, sometimes you gotta humor crazy folk", so I smiled and said nothing.  Her friend, who witnessed the whole uncomfortable exchange asks how she knew this and she said "her doctor told her". Again, she appeared high on something so I didn't take much offense to her rantings, but it mad me sad nonetheless.  Who does this lady think she is? Of course, terrified that I juts bought 30 bottles (damn near) of something that is potentially harmful so I googled the ingredients.  It does contain Stevia, but I'm not sure how "bad" that is for you.  Then again, what's "bad" changes weekly.  Got home and had a think thin bite (I was starving) and chili for dinner (YUM-TASTIC if I haven't said it already).  Mat work went down smooth (if you call fire in my legs smooth), but cardio was BRUTAL.  First, this "awesome" side stitch decided to take up residence and not leave, I had indigestion (chili maybe?), and for some reason hoisting my ass off the ground for 40 minutes just wasn't a walk in the park today.  Weight: down .8 from yesterday, that's what I'm talking about!

Yogurt "Foster"

1 Banana
Agave Nectar
Yogurt (I use Fage 0% Greek Yogurt)

Cut banana in half (like a banana split) and warm in the microwave for 1 minute.  Drizzle with agave nectar and top with yogurt.  Enjoy!

16 days down; 74 to go,

Love & TAM,

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