Tortilla Chips...PLEASE

Mar 1, 2011

OK, who switched my cardio video?  I could have sworn when I bobble-headed my way thru cardio yesterday it was completely different.  Guess that's what happens when you are not paying attention to the video and are distracted by thoughts of how much your are going to "die", "throw up", or, "pass out".  Mat work came first and was surprisingly better than yesterday except for the added burn running up and down my legs, I thought this was abcentric?  Who am I kidding I could care less what is was called if it can give me rock hard abs in place of the truffle shuffle.  I can't wait for that day, I'll probably cut all my shirts in half and wear only boy shorts...EVERYWHERE.  Yep, when I get to that point you best believe I'll be lifting my shirt to show everyone at the supermarket, bank, work, post office (anywhere really) my rock hard mini baby abdominals. 

Weight - down 1.8 pounds!

Mood - Beeyotch anyone?  I was super tired, gotta love that "I just got hit with a sack of potatoes feeling", and like boot camp I was utterly annoyed people wanted to hold conversations with me.  Jerks right? 

Food was a bit of a challenge today. Had the blueberry applesauce, veggie protein soup, and attempted the sweet potato corn pudding and gazpacho.  My friend was tempted by the devil himself, they had a pizza making seminar at her work and she HAD to attend, awful right?  The gazpacho is definitely not bad, but would taste SO much better on a tortilla chip (I only got 2 bites in before the realization hit me and ruined it).  Maybe next time I won't puree it for so long that way it doesn't resemble salsa and upset me when I realize the only "scoop" I'll be using is a spoon.  Sad day. Sweet potato corn pudding and I have a age old dislike for one another.  During boot camp I made an entire week of the blessed pudding, only the be majorly disgusted by the sheer smell of it (I did try it then as well).  Crazy fact:  I LOVE sweet potatoes AND corn.  Sweet potato + corn =  I went as far as using yellow corn instead of white to attempt to help the flavor....nope.  Anyone need some pudding, I have a weeks worth in my fridge right now...going, going. Shitballs.  On a happy note, I made chocolate pudding!  I ran out of time (OK patience) Sunday when I prepped all the other meals for the week, sad because it is my FAVORITE item on the menu EVER.  I only had a few spoonfuls and a little "clean the bowl of chocolate" action, but I am so excited to have this everyday this week, and you best believe I WILL have it everyday this week.  Tracy says to :) 

Lastly, my Vitamix came!  Holy smokes it is heavy and huge!  I haven't used her yet (I aptly named her "Tracy") because I have one serving of power juice left from my blender disaster and was determined to reap the benefit (as much as beet juice can be) of my hard labor. 

Day 2 down; 88 to go,

Love & TAM,


  1. Keep up the good work Chica! I'll be back soon.

  2. Yay welcome back! Let me know how the Vitamix is, I've been debating purchasing a juicer but don't know which one...

    I love sweet potato corn pudding, I'll eat it! :)


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