Waste Not, Want Not (Days 18-23)

Mar 22, 2011

Can someone PLEASE explain to me who taught us not to be wasteful, because I'd like to kick them in the balls. TWICE.  Five months in Tracy Anderson and I am STILL battling with food trying to find a balance.  I fully understand that balance doesn't happen overnight, but it never seems to fail that at some point instead of just pitching leftovers I leave them in the fridge, then feel the need to "get rid of them" (i.e. eat them) so we don't waste, or have just a nibble out with friends knowing full well I don't need to nor am I hungry in the slightest.  NEWS FLASH: throwing food away/passing on a meal doesn't make the trash can fat, it makes ME uncomfortable, crabby, AND squishy (I may need to send out missing flyers for my abs) The past few days have been as prescribed.  Mat work (insert profane words and fiery damnation/ass cramps here), followed by cardio (sweat filled torture).  Proud to say I did 40 minutes of cardio four times last week, LOVED the way I felt afterward (after the thoughts of severe pain dissipated but before I fell asleep).  Hopefully I can do the same again this week. 

Weight:  The long and short of it is that I got within spitting distance of my new goal weight (.4) then marooned up four pounds.  Granted this is over a five day period and included a St. Patricks Day and Girls Night In (did I mention we all LOVE to cook and brought 4 appetizer-each?), both days were chocolate covered, alcohol soaked food hug days, not gonna lie.  Can you believe I felt like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man after???  Scale you're mine...

Blueberry & Kiwi is divine.  Finally tried it, dream about it, love it.  Had serious chip lady temptation in class last week and ALMOST bought a bag.  Finally did cardio in the living room (sans heater).  Wow, it really felt like Tracy was dancing right along with me!  Sadly, my living room is vaulted and open to the front of my house, so I can't control the heat like I have grown to love (sauna hot), but considering I had to cook my Turkey Crumble (turkey nasty is you ask me) I had to be close to the stove.  Measurement day came and went, gained 2 lbs since day 10, but lost another 1/2 inch from my waist (don't cry-it's a journey, it's a journey).  Oh, for those that eat and drive, don't try to crack your hard boiled egg on your gear shift, its messy (especially in blk capris).  Oh, and baked bacon tastes WAY better than reheated baked bacon.  Take my word for it, the texture is gaggable.

I've noticed that I gain a bit of weight towards the end of the 10 day sequence.  Could my body be getting comfy with the ass burning moves?  Really?  Whatever the reason, I'll be experimenting so that my little weight increase doesn't happen again, more cardio anyone???

23 days down; 67 to go:

Love & TAM,

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