Boob Sweat, Restraining Orders, Bugs, Oh My!

Apr 18, 2011

There really is NO good excuse for my absence, other than the fact I let life get in the way of my blog, why oh why can't there be more hours in a day, right?  That being said, lots of nothing and everything have been going on...please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. 

Under house arrest waiting for the basement carpet to be installed last week (FINALLY-they were an hour and fifteen minutes late without a phone call), so I figured why not update my blog, Lord knows it'd been long enough (plus I already cleaned out my DVR, successfully avoided my workout thus far that day, and cleaned the kitchen).  Got a head start typing, then fell asleep.  Shitballs. 

My Finance class is continuing to kick my ass in every way shape and form, but I'm proud to announce I got a 90 on my last quiz!  Bout damn time!  I honestly think my tutor will/is in the process of getting a restraining order.  Maybe because over Christmas break instead of saying, "Have a great time at home in India" I said, "What!!!!  when are you coming back, text me as soon as you land in St. Louis" (plus I was totally contemplating going with him-surprise, my super psychotic tutor pupil is gonna be here for holiday, no she isn't medicated, I don't think).  Stage 5 clinger folks, and I'm fully aware of it and proudly admit it till I'm walking across the stage getting my diploma this fall.  Probably shouldn't have told him he was stuck with me for the next (then) 18 weeks...I think he's on a countdown.

After my walk in Forest Park I had MAJOR shin splits, because I wear old sneakers outside cuz I workout on carpet (using my newer shoes) and don't need another stain that I can't remove.  Needless to say after that I took my happy behind to get new Sneakers and socks. If you don't have Balega Socks (I have hidden comfort and ladies enduro) GET some.  It's like walking on clouds, they SO make a difference! When I had knee surgery a few years back I bought new sneakers (Nike Lunarlite) and Balega Socks, it has forever changed me, no more blisters, slouchy socks, or pain. 

I realized yesterday I TOTALLY jacked up my weeks with regard to the meal plan.  Does anyone else wish the workout tracker had more info or is that just my OCD flaring up again?  I thought I was on week 5 when low and behold I'm on week 8.  Shitballs.  And of course I've already cooked for the week, so I'll start week 8 next week and just be a week behind till I can catch up. Having said that, here is my menu for the week (I'm such a dork sometimes-I can't count apparently):

-Power juice (minus dirty beet) - strained it after using my vitamix to make it extra smooth this time.
-Chili (instead of gazpacho)
-Fruit puree (instead of blueberry applesauce)
-Choc pudding (leave well enough alone here)
-Waldorf salad (instead of spinach turkey nasty)
-Kiwi basil puree (instead of roasted veggie puree)

I plan to implement any foods I've missed so I try them all, I NEVER eat everything on the list for the week, it feels like (dare I say it) "too" much food.  While we are on the subject, how does everyone do the meal plan - if you follow it?  I started on a Sunday, so I begin a new food week then, but my days don't match when I transition to new content.  Does it matter???

My weight range is in spitting distance (come on 112!), but I'm ready to kick it up a notch. AGAIN.  My friend/accountability partner and I want to celebrate the end of Meta with a lil weekend girls beach trip, plus I found a uber sassy new haircut and REFUSE to do so until I reach my goal.  So, there will be NO deviations this week (4/18-4/24).  Gotta "own" my weight loss goal, not just my weight loss thus far.  I've started to refer to carbs (my cryptonite) as "Satan's delights", they will only be allowed visitation rights after reach my goal weight. Maybe. I really have no bounds when it comes to them, so I HAVE to get my addiction under control-the main reason I've yet to reach my meta goal.  Gotta remember to THINK before I cheat, or I'll never reach my weight goal...Don't get me wrong, I've noticed some amazeball changes especially in my arms, hip, butt, and thigh area (contour/toning), and continue to make progress, I just have a tad more work to do.  Why I continue to think rock hard abs come overnight is beyond me.

I read the latest GOOP article where Gwen talks about how she does 45 min (of mat AND cardio)/5 days a week - or if working toward something 2 hours a day/ 6 days a week for 2 weeks with lots of green juice, salad, less pasta, bread, and potatoes.  In addition, she made the statement "results are proportionate with effort" in the meta booklet, and it couldn't be more true.  If I half ass a workout, the next day my scale won't reflect my efforts, and I may not see my "mini baby abdominals" poke out for a visit.  Made me really think on a scale of 1-100% HOW much effort I really put into each workout, and I can honestly say some days are better than about you?

I also found some new content from Daily Candy + TAM, there are 7 videos with focusing on different body parts...this email is actually how I first found out about Tracy!

Now for the nitty gritty details:

Day #32: (115.0)  Finally had the Waldorf Salad and I gotta admit it wasn't half bad.  I didn't puree the Chicken, only the other ingredients.  Added ankle weights to mat work today, I am gonna start adding them the last three days of a sequence to hopefully curb my end of sequence weight gain.  Only completed fifteen minutes of cardio before the day ended.

Day #33:  (114.2) On the road all day for work so I had a bunch of drive/eat friendly foods (think thin, mango slices, apple).  Caved and had a fish sandwich (bun and all, that sucker was HOT) and a small blizzard.  Mat + ankle weights again for mat work.  Side stitch was back with a vengeance during cardio, ankle weights for mat.

Day #34: (114.2)  Took an early rest day because I met my accountability partner/friend for Greek and Pottery.  Measurements were OK.  Down 2.2 pounds and a 1/2 inch since the last measuring day.  Totally had a cake pop and over ate at dinner, Greek food is SO yummy!

Day #35: (115.6)  Obviously Greek taste good, but doesn't fair well on my scale the next morning.  It was mighty amazing so I don't have guilt near as bad as I used to.  Tried the veggie puree (aka - baby food blender fiasco) NO bueno.  Made dinner for the boys parents; Roasted Cod with Garlic Butter, wild rice, Roasted Asparagus (TAM Boot camp), and Salad (greens, fresh grated parm, dressing).  But I didn't stop there.  We all know I LOVE to cook, so in addition to dinner I made a sour cream pound cake with fresh Strawberries and Chantilly Cream - all homemade.  Settled in for my workout after dinner-ankle weights and mat again (I was hiding -I can't paint another inch of anything; I'm SO over manual labor), but much to my surprise the boy found me and asked, "what the hell are you doing up here, it sounds like the walls are caving in...I was REALLY into cardio apparently :)

Day #36: (115.6) New content! My left hamstring is sore, had a serious sweaty, fiery hour.  Got about halfway through and almost DIED! Went for a two hour walk with my friend Angie (my accountability partner/friend extraordinaire).

Day #37: (115.6) Didn't get to cardio today. Had Blueberry and Kiwi for breakfast-YUM-O.  Made a "kitchen sink" salad - romaine lettuce, spinach, black beans, green onion, cheese, cucumber, asparagus, tomato, dressing.  Had atrocious shin splits today, just ridiculous.  Ate a cake pop right before mat and another afterwards.  Went to see TCM's "Road to Hollywood" screening of "The Birds".  Had a LARGE butter popcorn and half bag of Starburst jelly beans.  Hey, if I'm gonna do it, do it right, or as Carrie says, "Cleanliness Be Damned"!

Day #38: (115.6) Did 20 mins of extra cardio (make up for day 37) BCC #1, 2. Starbucks, Cheese quesadilla (I won't lie I used 2 tortillas) with Taco sauce.  And I wonder why my truffle shuffle gets squishy???

Day #39: (116.4) Really?  my weight is sliding into the wrong direction.  MUST get a grip and get to my goal weight. On the road for work again today.  Ate Blackberries on my way down, had a coffee while there, then had McDonald's on my way home.  I've got a SERIOUS bone to pick with fast food restaurants.  Why is it there are few items on a menu that will fill you up, keep you ass from spreading, and not messy so you can eat and drive?  I stress about food when I'm on the road because the day is already ridiculously long so I just grab something to go and eat/drive so I can get home as soon as possible.  It's frustrating that you want to eat well, but have limited options at times.  Went to McDonald's and had a fish sandwich meal with a sweet tea.  Other than packing a lunch (fruit, nuts, bars) to eat, I'm out of ideas for easy food while on the road :(  Did 10 minutes of extra cardio (make up for day 37) BCC #2 along with my normal workout, and my right knee started bugging me not long into the hour...hopefully a little rest will keep it tamed.

Day #40: (115.0) 2 poached eggs (I'm a pro now), 4 pieces of turkey bacon (let's be honest, I need more than 2 pieces to hold me till lunch), grapes for breakfast.  Cut up a fresh pineapple a a few pieces "fell" into my mouth.  Banana Foster Yogurt for lunch, then a small slip up.  Had another "kitchen sink" salad, then had a laughing cow cheese with 7 Ritz Crackers (no easy feat for me-I used to inhale a roll without blinking), and 2 smores.  Sweet lord! House arrest (carpet install) is NO fun and bad for my body cuz I keep eating!

Day #41: (115.0) Got tons of compliments at a Case Review today, nothing like people noticing all your hard work.  One lady went as far as to tell me to "eat something!"  Not sure I look ill, but whatever.  Pineapple, small slice of orange loaf, potato salad, salad, pulled pork sandwich (with a GIANT bun), cookie.  Did 1/2 of transform at my moms (she's my hairdresser-I was waiting my turn) using tomato saucecans for weights. My sister though I was nuts :) No shoes, I swear I thought I packed everything...oh, no cardio.
Day #42: (116.4) Weight creeping back up dammit!  Did other 1/2 of transform and cardio  from Day #41 on my should be rest day.

Day #43: (118.0) I left for a work trip today in Arkansas, packing all things TAM-ankle weights, 2 lb weights, etc.  My luggage for 3 days was 43 pounds! Did transform, 15 mins of cardio before bed.  Had crab stuffed trout, rice, veggies for dinner (can't remember the other meals).  Training was an HOUR from civilization, so it made the days SUPER long, but I should have been better prepared, and not wait till  an hour before my flight to pack when I could have worked out.

Day #44: (no scale) Tranform with ankle weights in my hotel room, no cardio.  My memory escapes me on food...

Day #45: (no scale) hotel workout again, transform with ankle weights-nailed wall (just like at home), no cardio. TSA totally smooshed CD, thank God it didn't break-those animals!  Oh, they definitely inspected my bag both going/coming-I guess my bag was really heavy :) Didn't get home home at midnight thanks to delays at both airports (I missed the direct flight).  Went ape and had cheez its, reeses pieces at the airport, and NOT the snack packs.

Day #46: (118.0) Despite all the food I ate in Arkansas I still weigh the same as when I left, not the weight I'd like to be at (112 where are you?) but not worse. Handful of grapes (gotta get seedless next time), apple (Lady Alice ROCKS), think thin (2). Slept in and went to work around 12:30 cuz my flight arrived so late, thus totally forgetting it was measurement day. Had Starbucks sweet green tea (tiny cheat with the "sweet").  Read over my BC congrats for inspiration before my workout (you guys are SO sweet!). Did mat ( with ankle weights- for a lil extra oomph the last few days before a new sequence), cardio 30 min. Back is STILL bugging me :(  My week was shot, no meals made in advance-epic organizational fail on my part, the work trip on Sunday (cook/prepare/OCD day) threw me off :(

Day #47: (116.4) Measurements/photos.  Weight up a bit from #30 (was 114.2) everything else stayed the same. Should I post periodic photos?  I was waiting for a BIG reveal but considering its 90 days and not 30 I may post periodically, let me know what you think!  Keifr (strawberry/banana), Starbucks (skinny vanilla latte), chix parm (not fried), mushroom risotto (why am I still PETRIFIED to eat carbs?  oh yeah, I blow up like the Macy's day parade float!), salad, 2 cupcakes (Spring Berry, Chocolate Caramel Pretzel) from the cupcake truck.  Ignored my coworker when he offered to pay me for one, then inhaled my 2nd while driving-I looked like a wild animal I'm sure.  I even licked the cupcake paper!  That's addiction at its finest.

Day #48: (115.8) New content! Getting back in the right direction (down) with weight.  Grapes, think thin (orange creamsicle (eh). Had a compliment, "you working???"  Didn't get it till I explained how stressed I must look from full time work and grad school - he goes, "the gym"...oh.  yeah-over share??? lol  4 boiled eggs (1 with salt), fish (fried-Lenten style), onion, pickle, 1 slice rye bread, cheese fries (eww, overdone-but I ate them anyway sadly), and a cupcake (Pineapple Chardonnay). Got home semi early excited to dominate my project and workout only to find a HUMONGOUS bug (centipede, millipede-whatever it is those fuckers are fast!) in my living room.  Paralyzed with fear, I called everyone I could think of (my dear neighbor who used to kill my bugs when Steve isn't home moved away), even leaving a frantic-sobbing message for the exterminator to "come now, my house is being taken over".  My middle sister ended up driving over and we teamed up to kill it (spray with bug spray on a ladder, someone smoosh it when it fell).  Quite funny now, but no joke I was bawling and ready to move and let them (there was one) take the house.  After the bug fiasco I got my project draft done, worked out (does anyone else get major boob sweat from mat work-I'm like a damn waterfall for 30 minutes! Fiery Damnation is enough, I don't need a wet t-shirt contest on top of it!) and head to cocktails with a friend.  That lead to late night Taco Bell...not smart Marcia, not smart.  But we had a blast people watching, I swear everyone there was channeling Jersey Shore.  BumpIts, orange tans, and all. No lie.

Day #49 (115.8) Grapes, kashi crunchy, rotisserie chix, rice, asparagus (only 1 cuz undercooked, then overcooked/forgot about them till 30 mins later).  Workout of course. 1/3 glass of wine before fell asleep-Advil works wonders.

Day #50: (116.4) Fruit puree, think thin crunchy,  chili, arctic zero (eh).  Did my cooking for week (albeit the wrong week).  Ran out of chestnuts (for Waldorf) and blueberries (for fruit puree),  and used 2 clementines for juice in the kiwi basil puree instead of 1/2 orange (so wasteful to me cuz we don't eat the rest of the orange!)  Not making entire week of food b/c I ALWAYS waste (stuff I don't like)-don't eat it all. Ever. I've realized that my portion size depends on (eat till 80% full-most of the time) whats in the Tupperware, so i try not to use the jumbo ones anymore. Workout = complete for the day.

It goes without saying that I am making up missed cardio from 4/10 (15), 4/11 (30), 4/12 (30), 4/14 (30)  (I already made up 4/10-with 20 minutes-and 4/11 over the weekend), I've learned just because one day may not permit the entire workout, it doesn't mean you can't make it up another day-I have to do it all, not bits and pieces.

OK, now that we're all caught up, I'll bid you adieu, till tomorrow.

50 days down; 40 to go,

Love & TAM,


  1. Hi! I've never posted a comment here before but I recently found your blog and I love it! It is so inspirational and you are amazing! I'm on week three of meta and fighting through it...I'm not doing the diet but I'm eating EXTREMELY clean and really restrictive (I need to work on that, I can get a little too controlling and over-zealous with my diet). Sometimes I loathe dance cardio and do interval jogging instead :/ (I know tracy is against that, but for some reason my body just does better with it). Anyway, I wanted to thank you for writing such detailed magnificent posts! I definitely think you should post periodic picture-updates because they are super motivational for those of us metamorphi.sizing xD woa, horrible pun attack. Anyway haha keep up with the great work! You are awesome!
    question: are you able to do all the leg reps in any of the m.s? I can't do them for the life of me, it's driving me insane, I think I just started really out of shape so I have to tolerate weakness for a while.

  2. Love these updates and daily meals/exercise! It's nice to see what it 'takes.' Keep it up!


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