Can You Get Cankles From Eating Cheesecake?

May 23, 2011

A month of Sundays have passed by (no, really it has) and I can OFFICIALLY take a moment to breath.  With basement construction (OK, I supervise, whatever), finishing up HELL class aka "Advanced Corporate Finance" and work I've had ZERO time to anything but, bitch, cry, study, repeat. In. That. Order.  Now that I'm on break till June 2nd (let the church say AMEN), I can actually update you all on my insane existence, TAM, and attempts to get my ENTIRE to do list (including read a REAL book for LEISURE) completed all while enjoying every single moment of my break without getting winded.  Yeah. Right.  Now that I've set the tone for this marathon of a blog post, I won't keep you any longer from the ridiculousness that follows. Enjoy.

Can you get cankles from eating cheesecake?  I SWEAR after 2 slices of cheesecake AND a brownie I had cankles!  I laced up my sneaks  on 4/27 - Day #60 to workout and I SWEAR my ankles resembled "puff daddy".  No. Lie.  Not to mention when my DVD came to life the photo of Tracy was seriously looking at me in disgust like, "I know what you ate today".  CREEPY!  (did not do cardio today) But I totally felt like I let Tracy down, although a) I've never met her, and b) I've eaten non-TAM before.  The guilt must have been building and finally got to me (although I obsess about it regardless), but it was damn good cheesecake people, white chocolate raspberry actually.  Other than revenge of the sweets I ate decent today, not from the meal plan, but this week I've been an unprepared mess so I've been flying by the seat of my pants.  Let's just hope said pants don't rip from all the "flying" my mouth is doing toward food (weight 115.8).  It's that time again so I could literally be poked in the belly (let's be honest anywhere really) like the stay Puff marshmallow man and make the sound, being a girl is rough sometimes :(  Oh, I guess I should back up since its been ages since my last post...

4/18 - Day #51: (115.6) Wow, mat work flies by, even though I may struggle through, it's over before I know it and ever looming cardio is waiting happily to torture me.  Caught myself doing the alternate arm/leg move  (Level 5) TOTALLY wrong, when just two seconds before I was complimenting myself on catching on to the moves so's OK to laugh, I know I did when I realize what I was doing!  Had a good food day; fruit puree (LOVE), Waldorf salad (I used rotisserie chicken and I puree everything EXCEPT the chicken so I don't gag from the sheer thought of chicken mush), it was delish.  Chocolate peanut Kashi bar, few bites of fresh honeydew and pineapple as I cut them up (I could SO eat it all day, until I saw something naughty and it diverted my attention, lol).  Had chili, and I gotta admit, my first batch was the best, and I cannot seem to replicate it!  Maybe I need a hotter jalapeno...Tried Arctic Zero again (the remainder of my Chocolate Peanut Butter), it was better, but I was PMS-ing, so anything resembling food I wanted to eat.  Don't you hate PMS?  You could have just eaten, see something and suddenly you are STARVING???  Bizarre.  Wait, am I the only one this happens to?  That's not awkward at all...Oh, for those that have Sam's Club, they now have cases of Vitamin Water Zero!

4/19 - Day #52: (114.0) Today was the day I FINALLY went to the Gastrointerologist to figure out what insane things my stomach is doing when I eat certain foods.  It's been going on/off dating back to high school, but lately it has been progressively worse.  I figured it had something to do with eating clean on TAM then eating processed foods again, but wanted to be sure.  It was a less than kosher visit.  After spending more time in the waiting room than in the exam room diagnosing the problem (I self diagnosed myself with Celiac Disease via Mayo'm a doctor in my spare time), she is unsure of what it could be - possibly IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohns Disease, basically she just spouted out big words and hoped I didn't ask questions.  True Story.  Then she says I need a high fiber diet (when I specifically told her carbs are the WORST- plus NOT on TAM), and to take a pill for the cramps.  Say what?????  My stomach feels like an Alien is going to punch out of my stomach when I eat carbs and you are going to give me a pill?  Oh. Hells No.  Not one to take maintenance medication other than flinstone vitamins (yes, I'm 28 and STILL take them- I have a sensitive stomach) the prospect of popping 3 pills a day for who knows when did not make me happy.  To make matters funny (or worse), she suggests a colonoscopy to "see what's going on".  Um, I'll take a big fat pass till its ABSOLUTELY necessary, thx.  She also wants me to have my blood work done (have I mentioned I'm TERRIFIED of needles?).  Leaving her office with a blood work sheet, prescription, high fiber diet plan, and a headache I had already decided against the medicine, but to try the diet, get my blood work done, and go to the follow up visit in a month to see what she had to say.  Adopting my new "high fiber diet" after my breakfast of fresh pineapple, had a small dinner roll with ham and cheese, and 1 TBSP each of pasta salad, salad, and fresh fruit.  Had a Turtle Sundae from Culvers (I won't mention the size; Arctic Zero is NO comparison to the real thing), honeydew, and a few bites of Waldorf Salad.  Lately my heater has been working a bit too well, and I've been overheating a bit (I probably shouldn't leave it running the entire time), so I have to open my door and cool off a bit.  We had some nasty storms so I did mat in my newly carpeted basement before I said "to hell with it" and went back to my hot workout room to finish.

Side Note:  Nattie Joe posted having similar issues on facebook and a few people responded with great advice.  They recommended Dr. Jungers book and to try the Elimination Diet to see what foods you are sensitive to.  Can you just see my docs face when I stroll in and tell her I've taken it upon myself to try this diet which she hadn't even mentioned (sans needles)? 

4/20 - Day # 53: (114.0) Had honeydew, chili, kiwi basil puree, kashi, think thin bite, I was STARVING but got a hot tea to curb my junk cravings before class.  It worked!  Until chip lady busted out her chips...This time she separated them!  I was on the verge of screaming!  Class of course didn't end on time, so no workout today (took an early rest day)  :(

4/21 - Day #54 (112.6) Apple, CA shrimp salad - o charleys (lite dressing)- turns out this bad boy had some ungodly amount of fat grams, so much for trying to make smart choices...Put my phone farther than arms reach during mat, and I actually concentrated!  Did vabs for good measure.  Went to the theater and wine bar w/ a friend, had a fab pear salad (small), 1- rock shrimp cake - tiny and not as yummy as it looked, 1/2 wrap Chinese wrap - no meat, just slaw stuff (whole wheat), 2 handfuls frosted nuts, 4 Swedish fish.  Yes, I counted.

4/22 - Day #55 (112.6)  Strawberry mint salad (from boot camp), blackened tilapia, cheese curds, broccoli, and of course wine.  For some unknown reason I decided to grocery shop during a tornado, not smart considering my garage is filled with construction material AND I park on the street because my car is getting old and leaks.  Had a few bites of Arctic Zero; I swapped week 9 food for week 8 since haven't done 8 and did 9 already.  Used ankle weights for mat.

4/23 - Day #56 (113.4) Went on an adult Easter Egg Hunt in Queeny Park, a fantastic thought until it stormed...don't fret, we still went AND had a blast!  Thank God we brought flashlights, cuz we got all kinds of turned around.  Food today was Greek yogurt with raspberries/pecans/agave nectar, think thin bite, 2 cookies (made for neighbor who came and sprayed after the the GIANT bug fiasco), broccoli with cheese, and cheese curds.  Workout was split because I was cleaning, went and got a much needed mani-pedi, thus I did cardio barefoot cuz I didn't wanna smudge my tootsies :)  Made up cardio from 4/20.

4/24 - Day #57 (113.4) Hoppy belated Easter!  Had leftover tilapia with cilantro and 1/2 avocado.  Ham, sweet potato, and 1 tbsp of Dijon mustard.  Did vabs, plus added bcc #1.

4/25 - Day #58 (114.2) kashi bar, taco salad, oven omelet - 3 eggs (never had one before and it was HEAVEN, and SO easy to make!), handful of frosted nuts. Sadly my level 6 dvd skips; only works in living room (even after countless failed attempts on my laptop.  So my workout that began at 6 pm didn't end till 9:30 due to technical difficulties.  Totally started level 6 a day early, oops.  Today was measuring day and I'm down 2 lbs (no change in inches) since last measurement day.

4/26 - Day #59 (115.8) Had Starbucks, apple, turkey sandwich on wheat w/ lite mayo, fruit, brownie, strawberries and a handful of nuts. DVD gave me trouble again, but got my wkout in before I met my tutor so it was a good day.

4/28 - Day #61 (115.6) 1/2 apple- so bitter I threw it out, I'd rather be hungry then eat crappy food. Had kashi bar, shrimp diablo (spicy grilled shrimp w/ blk beans and rice), then after successfully staving off the chip basket it was pushed my way and I inhaled them with salsa AND queso.  I really tried to be good, but after the 10 chip I lost count, plus I realized it was slowing down getting chips into my mouth :) Then, if that wasn't bad enough went to a wine bar with my friends and went SERIOUSLY overboard on EVERYTHING.  flat bread, cheese platter, WINE (speaking of wine, I far surpass the weekly limit, hey, its either wine or an entire cake, just sayin). Having said that, I was way too big of a lard ass to workout today :(

4/29 - Day #62 (119.0) Obviously my binge last night situated itself comfortable on my truffle shuffle and ass, plus my mixing of food was not well received by my sensitive tummy.  Needless to say I felt ILL all day :(  Managed to get down 2 apples, a cupcake (don't judge, it made me feel better).  No workout today, and I took a 1/2 day from work cuz I felt so crappy :( Why must I always learn the hard way??

4/30 - Day #63 (115.6) OK, I officially had a cupcake problem.  It started off innocent, two cupcakes here or there and spiraled into a 4 cupcake container that I wouldn't share!  No joke, my coworker asked for one, I said "No", then offered o pay me for it, and I said "No", then inhaled my 2nd one when I got to my car like a rabid animal!  I can't be stopped, they are too delicious!  But in an effort not to swell my ass to much, had an apple, green shake (from one of her cleanses-I made this one too bitter), iced sweetened green tea at bookstore (hey at least it wasn't a calorie bomb coffee, I have needs folks), think thin bite, all while having a marathon study session at the bookstore. Did mat level 5 (m/u 4/25), mat level 6 (m/u 4/28), cardio (m/u 4/28).

5/1 - Day #64 (114.6) green shake (even more bitter), 2 egg whites w/ mushrooms,fruit - strawberry, kiwi, pineapple,  2 small pieces of flounder with seasoning, spinach with lime (unexpectedly loved this), 1/2 avocado, 1 Roma tomato w/ fresh cracked black pepper, 4oz ghiradelli choc (yes, the ENTIRE bar), and frozen blueberry with honey (Tip: add water - mine got stuck in blender cuz the blueberries don't expel much juice frozen).  Went shopping,  actually more like "how fast can Marcia spend her paycheck and how many stores in the mall will she patronize", to Whole Foods (OK, only because the saleslady at Nordstrom had on an ADORABLE Trina Turk shift and said she got it from Nordstrom rack-which happens to be next door to Whole Foods.  Sadly, the dress was gone, even after I pestered the hell out of a salesperson and scoured each rack, twice).  Sore from working out...but I still shopped my heart out and bought some damn cute clothes so it was all worth it.

5/2 - Day #65 (114.0) Tried siggi peach yogurt (it's Icelandic yogurt-has nothing on Fage), chix noodle soup, red velvet cake (OK, a hunk), fro yo- grasshopper w/ strawberries (they froze) and samples.  My rib meat feels like it's being ripped off, like RIPPED off my bones, but if that means my skin is firming then rip away!  Needless to say the word of the day was: SORE.  Thankfully level 6 is finally getting easier, finally.

5/3 - Day #66 (114.0) I remember nothing from today other than I worked out.

5/4 - Day #67 (114.8) Starbucks, turkey/bacon/whole wheat sandwich with 1 tbsp mustard.  Had some chips at the restaurant, then went ape inside the gas station (I must stop going inside again, I used to be SO good about avoiding this place like the plague, but lately I can't leave without buying $10 of randomness) and inhaled a bag each of sour gummy worms AND apple chips during class.  I read the calories and those alone combined were 1000 calories, shitballs.

5/5 - Day #68 (114.2) Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Had 2/3 of a shrimp wrap with fries (aka "the demise of my truffle shuffle"), then met my sister and friends for a street festival after work to celebrate.  First I park 9 blocks from the restaurant thinking since it was a "street festival" it'd be a nightmare, uh, wrong, we walked for nothing.  It was more like a sidewalk festival of drunkenness.  We went in, waited 20 minutes to find out there was a 2 1/2 hour wait AT LEAST for a table, so we got a margarita with salt (gross-the tap kind) from the alcohol truck before it started to POUR. I mean Jesus was coming.  Took about 10 minutes for it to subside and we all hoofed it to the nearest bar to dry off.  Once inside we all realize we'd be outside in the mayhem way longer than we thought and were famished.  We ordered everything.  It was still technically happy hour so food was buy one get one.  No joke I ordered mozzarella sticks (delish), chicken fingers (dry and awful), tasted a toasted ravioli and a corn fritter (all dipped in sauce.  But no joke our table was crammed with food! Obviously this day went to hell in a hand basket...oh, and I had fro yo on the way home, double shitballs.

5/6 - Day #69 (117.0) No recollection of today :(

5/7 - Day #70 (115.8) Not a clue...

5/8 - 5/14 I designated as a "make up" week, I'd gotten like 3 hours behind on cardio and missed a few days of mat. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm OCD and HAVE to finish everything I start, even if it needs a little tweaking.  Don't let me fool you, I agonized over pushing back a week and not completing in 90 days, but I'd feel WAY worse giving half ass effort to get in a workout than actually working my ass off and benefiting from my hard-work, so it was kind of a no brainer after that.  5/8 did mat from 4/29 (115.8), 5/9 no workout, 5/10 cardio from 5/4 (115.6), 5/11 mat level 6 from 5/4 (117.0), 5/12 (117.0) cardio from 4/27, 5/13 cardio from 4/12 and measurements for day 60; down to 113.8 and down a half inch in each of my thighs! Totally nailed my head while putting away dishes above my head (I use a chair so you can imagine the scene), I swear I saw stars, felt like I was going to vomit and pass out.  It was intense.  Didn't feel any better till after I took 3 Advil AND rested for hours.  My headache didn't subside till Saturday morning and I have a righteous bump on my head.  Road-tripped to Chicago with my friend who ran in their 1/2 marathon.  Our hotel was comical.  The hallways were darker than the movie theaters and our room was unfinished, like no clock, iron, nothing.  It made us laugh, and we spent the rest of the weekend finding things missing from the room.  She did fantastic despite the ran, 40 degree weather and 30 mph winds, I'm SO proud of her, 2:23!  5/14 Rest day-no scale at the hotel, though I contemplated packing it.  Make up week complete!

Besides doing extra cardio after I've had a glass (or two) of wine, having Starbucks, and possibly consuming too much wine lately, I'm still LOVING Meta and seeing results (albeit slower than boot camp, but I'm immensely pleased with both).

Lucy, I haven't forgotten about ya chica!  Thanks for the incredibly sweet comments, they made my day :) To answer your questions; First and foremost, which meta are you doing and how is it going?  I'd love to hear about your experience!  I am SO with you on the diet, I get a tad too controlling, but at least you aren't binging on wine and french fries...yeah me either :) I "try" to follow the meal plan, or at least eat clean, but as you can see some days I'm no match for my cravings of naughty ass spreading treats. Cardio is sheer pain, torture, and hell combined into one half hour of sweat induced swearing.  I STILL cannot get the hang of it and frequently "forget" my h2o bottle in the fridge and walk (not run-don't wanna overexert myself) to get it...slowly, hoping the torture is over before I get back), it truly is my nemesis, well, besides "Chip Lady", lol. I am working on posting photos, I am attempting to crop them, they'll be up soon in all their fleshy glory soon, I promise. At the beginning of each new level I can barely keep up, let alone complete all the reps, but usually by the last few days I've gotten the hang of it (somewhat) and have keep up with the DVD the whole way through.  But again, it does not happen everyday, and usually there is ALOT of swearing going on to get me through.  Hope this helps, and I'd LOVE to hear more about your journey :)


For those who want the low down on my progress thus far, here are the dirty details.  (I'll try to post pictures soon.)

Boot Camp results: 10 lbs; 11 1/2 inches LOST! (Oct 2010)

Meta results a s of 5/13/11): down 4 lbs, 1 inch in my waist, 1 1/2 inches in my hips, 1 inch in each of my thighs, for a total of 4 lbs and 4 1/2 inches! Plus, my body is contouring, and I have NEVER  felt better, both inside, AND out :)

                                                  My ever toning arms- Gun show anyone?

70 days down; 30 to go,

Love & TAM,

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