Ab Continuity (Disc 1): Oh #$^&, Don't Kick Me

Nov 3, 2011

OK, we are NOT going to discuss the fact it took months to complete 30 days, and we are NOT going to talk about the fact I have been slacking big time on my blog - which, as we all know holds my waning motivation accountable and keeps my "truffle shuffle" at bay.

The first disc in continuity (30 days - 3 different workouts) was some serious hell. I burned in places I never knew existed.  Don't worry folks, Tracy finds loads of new ways to bring you to the point of tears (what, like you don't shed a tear every once in awhile during mat work?).

Working out  + Apartment = Running of the bulls in Pamplona. Thank God I'm on the first floor, but I have GORGEOUS (squeaky) hardwood floors that amplifies EVERY step I make...I've yet to get complaints from my neighbors, I'm sure it'll be for indecent exposure (damn great natural light and constantly open blinds) or for my incessant noise - not that kind of noise dirty minds...

When I moved on September 1st I vowed not to have any "crap food" in the house. So far, so good. But I'm sure I'll rationalize it somehow knowing my twisted carb loving mind.

My hip flexors are TIGHT.  Like, pain to walk, constant pulling, using icy hot kinda pain.  Shitballs, does it ever end?  When I'm super motivated to stay in shape I'm constantly sore and a new body part screams for mercy, but when I'm lazy as a cat, I'm in perfect health.  What gives?

I'm still using my TAM calendar and binder to stay organized. Granted when you don't workout there's not much to fill the squares with other than some lame ass excuse...

My feisty canine Ringo LOVES to watch in amusement while I workout.  His expressions go from, "oh Lord, there she goes again", to "oh shit, don't kick me, I'm lying  two inches from your yoga mat".

The move gave me a chance to take stock of all my belongings and I'm proud to announce I cleaned ALL.MY.CLOTHES.  Purged too big items, got rid of EVERY single baggy gym article of clothing (when you feel good working out, you work harder-or maybe I'm just vain, lol).

Broke down and figured out WTH an iPad was and bought one.  LOVE it.  Best investment since my iPhone got replaced with a company issued Blackberry (yep, still bitter about it).  Added the loseit app to track my weight and food.  Super easy to use, and it will tell you how many calories to eat for how much you want to lose a week/weigh.

Found a rebounder!  I know, I know, you're thinking, "duh, they are EVERYWHERE", but I meant I found one I was willing to shell out money for.  Wal-Mart, Golds Gym brand for...30 bucks! A tad tricky to put together, but great find (as oppose to 70 dollars  - or more). Let's see if I actually use the damn thing, lol.

-Tested out some new fitness classes (along with mat - instead of cardio): (Note: NOTHING has yielded results like Tracy - GO TAM!)

Skyrobics - think gym full of trampolines connected together.  Boot camp style workout. Holy shit is it intense. You think all fun and bouncing, but this hour long class keeps you guessing, constantly.

Fit Chix:
-Cardio Ballet - ballet bar, weights, yoga mat.  I vividly remember cursing the teacher during the 150 plie'.

-Cardio Strip Fit - think dance class.  You learn a sexy routine and are encouraged to wear heels.  It's dimly lit, so believe me no one is watching your "come hither" moves in the mirror. Class wraps up with some spins around the pole. Fun times, you're having so much fun dancing the hour flies by.

-Chair Dance - We all know I'm not the most coordinated (just ask my mom, she curses all those years of paying dance fees when I CONSTANTLY trip over my own feet), this class was a blast.  You learn a sexy dance that incorporates a chair (yep, a lady BIT it and tumbled to the floor head first - and I almost peed my pants), and finish up class with a little pole action.

Weight hasn't gotten totally out of control (like my food choices at times), but I'm determined to hit my goal weight of 115 by December 31st.  Right now, I'm content (dealing with it by incessant bitching while I shove carbs in my mouth with BOTH hands) with the fact I don't go over 122.

On to disc 2...

Love & TAM,

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