Over-eaters Anonymous

Dec 19, 2011

In anticipation of the New Year and the upcoming utilization of unspent vacation days from work (which gives me TWO blissful weeks off - much needed, I'm about to lose my mind) I decided to plan accordingly and go into 2012 on the right foot. And, since its my goal to go into my thirties in AMAZING shape, why not get the ball rolling (lets be honest, carbs have reappeared in my life and the bitches have caused a scene). 

Its pretty simple, from 12/21-12/30 (10 days) I plan to do mat (abcentric continuity) AND one hour of cardio (yep, you heard me correct it's not a typo) in addition to green smoothies/juice, and NO processed food. Seems manageable, right? Wrong. Since Sunday, my body has began raising HELL over the impending change (such a jeti mind trick I know) and food can't enter my mind without me hunting it down and inhaling it as if I'm a prisoner on death row eating my last meal before the electric chair. Case and point, I bought four cupcakes last week and instead of sending them home with whomever visited me next (or, throwing them away -shudder the thought), me, in my infinite wisdom decided to eat one everyday till the 21st. Harmless right? Wrong. Today alone I've had Hardee's omelette sandwich with tator rings and sweet tea, a Jimmy John's sandwich (the entire fucking thing) with jalapeƱo chips (snack size), think thin crunch bar, a bowl of cheddar popcorn (curses holiday treats), two Andie's mints, two pretzel wrapped hot dogs (dipped in BBQ sauce)...oh, and my daily cupcake. Are you fucking kidding me? I shouldn't be hungry till Easter 2013, yet somehow I KEEP eating. Needless to say I'm going to have one hell of a time sweating all this crap food off, and my foray onto the scale tomorrow will, in fact, ellicit crocodile tears and self loathing, but obviously I do things the hard way. Shitballs. Challenge accepted. (as in lick cupcake crumbs from my napkin).

 Love & TAM,

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