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Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had an AMAZEBALL holiday, I sure did.  As I reflect on the past year, and prepare for all the awesome that is in store for 2012, I wanted to take the time to thank each of you for following my journey - through TAM, and life.  2011 was a year of great change for me, and I appreciate all your kind words and for sticking with me.  Out with the old, in with the new!  So with that said, let's get down to business...

-"Old" News -

10 day challenge (12/21-12/30):

This encompassed seven days of 121-130 and three days of 131-140. Not gonna lie, 121-130 was intense.  Like old school, back to basics kinda stuff.  No hand weights, just body weight.  Really liked this segment, though my shoulders SCREAMED for mercy, along with my calves.  131-140 is like a mind game. The arm segment is EXACTLY the same as 121-130 and I spent an extra 10 minutes flipping back between the two to make sure I was on the right days - I jacked up, more than once so I got a little extra arm/ab action those days, lol.  Thus far, 131-140 is great, love the different angles in the moves.
I was pooped after yoga, but knew I had mat to do - so I ate my snack on my mat with the DVD geared up and heater blaring.  It worked :)

Caramel Pound Cake - so sinful I ate it for Breakfast

Break out the space heater and get to work:
(1) Mat, Tel Aviv Tramp #1 (twice), #3, #4, 30 minutes of Continuity Cardio (1 hour baby!)
(2) Mat (1/2) totally got sidetracked and didn't finish
(3) Mat, Mat (last 1/2 from night before), 90 minute Yoga class
(4) Mat, Beginner Dance Cardio (BDC) warm up, Combo #1 (15 minutes)
(5) Mat, BDC Combo #2, #3 (25 minutes)
(6) Mat, 75 minute Yoga class
(7) Mat, 75 minute Yoga class
(8) Mat
(9) No workout (not a love day, didn't get my workout in early and it was all down hill from there)
(10) Mat, 90 minute Yoga class

As you can see, I've taken up Yoga recently (my favorite is Hot Yoga), and I gotta admit when I began about 6 years ago I did not have an affinity for it at all.  Fast forward and I'm considering getting my yoga certification after grad school (thoughts?  I'm still debating). I don't see dramatic changes like TAM cardio (NOTHING compares to Tracy), but it brings me peace and challenges me.  In NO way is TAM being replaced, but I am incorporating it in once or twice a week for sanity's sake.  Lululemon has FREE Yoga every Sunday in their stores, and we all know I love FREE :)

Measurements - Day #1 (12/21):

weight - 125.4
bust - 33 1/2
waist - 27
hips - 36 1/2
thighs - 20 1/2 (each)
arms - 10 1/2 (each)

As of 12/28/11:
(Day #8 - I was finished with 121 - 130 and wanted to be consistent, hence the odd measuring day)

weight - 121.6
bust - 33
waist - 27
hips - 36
thighs - 20
arms - 10

So, although I did not reach my goal weight in the end, I blasted off 3.8 pounds, 3 inches, and caught a glimpse of ab definition again! I made a batch of glowing green smoothies by Kimberly Synder (The Beauty Detox Solution) and stored them in mason jars for the duration. I also bought two naked juices which came in handy, making the GGS was time consuming that first day! Considering I did not deprive myself of going out for meals with friends, made my own modified version of no processed foods (nothing from a package), totally demolished  homemade caramel pound cake on more than one occasion, indulged (without gorging) on Christmas, sometimes worked out without shoes (I don't recommend, but I knew putting on shoes would delay the inevitable and I didn't wanna waste my spark of motivation at the moment) and didn't always get in an hour of cardio, I'd say it was a success :)

I looked up my results from my previous TAM series, boy was it a kick in the pants. Talk about motivation...Granted, I didn't lose the farm and I am doing well maintaining my results (while eating all of the carbs in St. Louis), it was neat to see what actually was going on and how my workouts (or lack there of) affected my results.  Check out what I'm talking about:

Lowest weight 112.4 (early 2011)

Since Metamorphosis:
Gained - 1 1/2 inches in my bust, 1/2 inch in each arm, 1 1/2 inch in waist, 2 1/2 inches from hips, and 1 inch from each thigh.  (weight 117.2)

Perfect Design Series (1-3):
I have notes, in my handwriting, but so not legible.  Let's imagine I kicked ass :)

Since Boot camp (2010):
Gained - 1/2 inch in bust, waist stayed the same, 1/2 inch in hips,
Lost -1/2 inch in each thigh, 1/2 inch in each arm, (weight 117.4).

There was an article recently that said you should "Like your exercise".  Here's the lowdown...

"By now you know exercise is nonnegotiable when it comes to weight loss and overall health. The key is to find activities you enjoy so that you are more likely to stick with them. If you don’t enjoy the gym you probably shouldn’t join the gym so you don’t end up being one of the large number of people whose gym memberships go unused after January.

Also, be realistic about how much time you have for exercise. You may not have enough time every day for an hour and a half yoga class or gym workout. Perhaps ½ of your workouts are done at home with exercise videos that save time."
How true is that? I am by no means a gym rat.  Don't get me wrong, going to the gym is OK, but I have a much better chance of getting off my rear and heading to my mat in the comfort of my home than schlepping to the gym.  Thank God for Tracy Anderson  :)
-"New" News -
My resolutions this year are simple, I learned long ago not to make a giant list and set yourself up for failure.

(1) Health - Dear 2012, I will fight for what I want most - MY BEST BODY YET.  I want to turn the big 30 in the best shape so far.  Quite a birthday gift huh?

                                     Fitness Vision Board (in my kitchen so I HAVE to see it)

The other day I went through my ENTIRE kitchen and de-cluttered.  Let's be honest, my no crap food rule works, but a girls only human - how did those get in there :) Anything that wasn't a whole grain, in a package (minus whole grain rice, cereal), and had any resemblance of crap food got bagged up (two giant shopping bags) and sent off with my mom.  In case it's not blatantly obvious, carbs are my trigger food, so they can't be within arms reach or I'll go ape (speaking of trigger foods, what are yours?). So long crap food...Now, I'm not delusional, so cheese and my beloved Ben and Jerry's stayed.  A girl's gotta be true to herself - you can't cut out everything for life, and I fully intend on indulging in delicious food if/when I eat out (only if I'm with others - no carryout alone).

(2) Charity - As of now, I have my eye set on running the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital half marathon in December 2012, but seeing as I have NEVER run that far EVER, nor have I ran farther than a song (the shortest one I could find) on my iPod, this is a work in progress...

(3) Education - Finish my MBA!

Do you have any New Year Resolutions?  If so I'd love to hear!

Before I bid you adieu, here are a few pics from NYE, my friends and I had a blast getting dolled up, plus I haven't posted any recent pictures of myself (I'm the one in orange) and I wanted to show you proof I am, indeed working out :)

Wishing everyone a blessed and prosperous New Year, 2012 is shaping up to be FABULOUS!

Love & TAM,

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