Cookies, Pop Tarts & Kashi (Level 6)

Feb 8, 2012

Can we please not harp on the fact that yet again it has taken me WAY longer than 10 days to complete a sequence? It's tragic and unacceptable, I understand.  Please forgive me? I could give some colorful reason as to why I was basically a totally unmotivated slacker who just plain didn't workout, but who am I kidding, "the dog did not eat my TAM DVD"... though he did get violently ill (no worries - just a lil tummy/intestine infection, he's all better and back to driving my crazy) and that did derail me a bit with meds, vet visits, not getting sleep for a week, plus the fact it happened two days before a business trip (God bless my middle sis for taking care of him - he's quite the diva healthy, not to mention sick).

"All wrapped up"

Besides from Aunt Flo coming for a visit which caused my week long vending machine addiction to pop-tarts (of which are only 10% fruit - besides the fact it's processed food hell), my midnight "snacks" of cereal (full bowl, with milk at 1 am), and the fact as I drove home one day I stopped at a new bakery, bought cookies and promptly ate two of them before I got home (I live maybe 2 miles away - in traffic) I haven't completely went ape and eaten my way through the greater St. Louis area...lately.

Overall, level 6 was ok. I think if I had been consistent for the ten days I would have seen better results (obviously), but what do you do? I really liked the ab section, and total it was just over 24 minutes long - why I was excited about this, no one's the little things. My shoulders and hips screamed for mercy, but they seem to always have something to bitch about these days. Oh, and BONUS I swear I saw Tracy's "Oprah wiggle" (triceps area) which made me giddy!  She IS human, yet all along I had her up on this giant pedestal (don't worry, she's still way up there) for reasons unknown - oh wait, cuz she's in AMAZEBALLS shape, duh!  I'm still a crazy slacker with cardio, so other than Yoga classes (which range from 60-90 mins) and a few desperate attempts of DC in some form or another it didn't happen. I do walk my dog everyday for at least two miles (longer on the weekends), but that doesn't count as cardio as it is more along the lines of being dragged while dogging traffic and other dogs, though it is exhausting wrangling the wild beast at times (did I mention he's 76lbs?).

Weight has been ranging between 119 and 121.  Not awful, but I know if I actually did cardio the numbers would go down.

I've been feeling blah: bloated and uncomfortable digestive wise and a friend told me about having hot water with lemon to start each day - so OCD as I am, researched and found  it detoxes your liver and is "like a toothbrush for your insides". I added the details under the "eat" tab, it really made a difference, I feel WAY better. 

Kaeng Raeng - fresh outta the mail

In addition, said friend and I embarked on a 3 day detox utilizing Kaeng Raeng - which means be healthy, be strong in some other language that escapes me right now.  Anywho, its all natural freeze dried fruit that you add with liquid and consume 3 x's a day for 3 days along with raw fruits and veggies to detox your system. First of all, the packets are GIANT.  Think larger than a poptart wrapper (sad I compared a detox to poptarts but I digress) and that's just one meal! Needless to say I barely made it through one and a half smoothies a day, not to mention the fact I had to pee every five minutes! The smoothies weren't awful if you mixed in frozen fruit and a lil fruit juice, I wasn't adventurous enough to try it with just water as recommend, again if you saw this packet, you'd be like "F that" too. 

   Smoothie time! All that liquid is ONE meal.

Here lies the problem: I've always had a sensitive stomach (hence my self Celiac Disease diagnosis last year), so I was "sure" this wouldn't upset the tummy.  WRONG, by day two I didn't have an appetite and I was cramping slightly, along with serious upset sotmach (insert TMI here). So by day three when I got home I could take it anymore so I had my new fav: brown rice cake with almond butter.  I had just ran out of peanut butter (which is what I usually use - curses!) so I gave almond butter a try.  No bueno. I've had some delightful almond butter before, but I apparently got crunchy AND the wrong brand. Shitballs. Ended up having two pieces of whole wheat toast with a little butter and honey then went to dinner with my friend (who sabotaged her detox and quit early with me- granted we were only short meal, but still, that's a true friend folks) and had the Vietnamese version of chicken noodle soup, which helped, but not much. If you haven't had it, don't - have pho ga instead. Overall the detox wasn't terrible. I was never hungry (though I craved noodles for some reason) and feel better inside, and flattend my food baby/truffle shuffle even though I only lost .4lbs.  Yep, I'm claiming it - granted its small change, but damn it I earned it!  My friend lost just over 4lbs (and she didn't have any issues like I did minus a slight headache one day). I'm undecided if I'll ever do a detox again, if so it'll be one where I make all the food - cuz processed food + and my insides don't mix...

New breakfast fav

I'm going to start to journal my food on here again; although I haven't gotten off track, it helps keep me in check with snacks and mindless eating, and Lord knows with midterms tomorrow your truly has done some SERIOUS mindless munching (I ate an ENTIRE box of Kashi Honey Toasted Oats - their version of Cheerios) in two days, without milk.  Out of the box like an animal.  My mom raised a lady folks :)
I've FINALLY put the finishing touches on my blog format, reverting back to strictly fitness and food, my true passions (for those who remember my early TAM days I was same me, different blog name - so tell all your friends I'm still here with plenty to chat about!  In addition (cuz I'm OCD), I've added tabs (under the blog name) to  cover all the basics (read: organize): Fitness (fit), Inspiration (inspire), Food (eat), and most important, Photos (results). I've finally re-added my pre/post bootcamp photos (I deleted them off my Mac and onto Shutterfly not realizing it'd cause such a shit storm) to share along with current photos and measurements (let me know if the link gives you any problems). 

My new sassy workout capri's

Lastly, I updated my fitness vision board with some great new quotes and insipiring words to keep me in line. 
Off to level 7...

Love & TAM,


  1. MAAAARCIAAAAAA! It's Melissa from hourglasspersonality on tumblr, I finally moved my blog here - I just got your tumblr message so I wanted to come say hi. It's so good to find you again, I missed your blog. This one especially made me laugh because I've TOTALLY been slacking and I'm only on level one. I've taken way too many rest days, but I keep telling myself that as long as I don't stop, I'm doing better than I was before ;)

  2. Melissa!!! So glad ur on blogger, we're neighbors, lol :) So true, just keep going - taking it one day (or sometimes minute) at a time. You will get there - baby steps! Thanks for reading chica!


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