Food makes me...sick?

Feb 27, 2012

In my quest to figure out wth is going on with my stomach and why I get VIOLENTLY ill after eating at times I finally made an appointment with an allergist to see if someone could provide answers.  If you recall, my visit to the GI doctor did NOT go well (here's the link in case you need a refresher - Year: Twenty Nine: Can You Get Cankles From Eating Cheesecake?) and up till now I've just been dealing with it the best I could.  But enough is enough.  If anyone knows me its a given fact that I ADORE all things food, so to get ill after eating obviously is a big fat red flag.  Terrified for a repeat of the "doctor who doesn't listen", I had zero expectations.  

Here's the lowdown.  Originally the allergist began with the same "this may be IBS" speil, but decided to run allergy test just in case - she even made a point to say, "this probably won't help" and I may need to be referred was less than reassuring.  She hands me a sheet listing different food and told me to circle those that I eat most frequent so I can be tested for allergic reaction.  Paper disappears and in comes the tech with a big ass tray of needles (have I mentioned I am deathly afraid of needles?). Luckily they only prick the first layer of skin, but don't be fooled some of those beeyotches hurt! You have a stick for each food, 38 in total, then you have to wait, without touching your arms for 15 minutes so they can see what you react to.  

Both my arms looked like this - fun right?
In no time the buzzer dings and the tech begins writing feverishly on her pad.  She leaves, doctor comes back in and the first thing out of her mouth?  "You're going to be a problem".  Gee, thx.  Turns out of 38 tests, I had a reaction to 18.  now before you faint like I almost did all the foods do not have to be eliminated forever.  With a prescription for an epi-pen, list of foods I reacted to and the advice of taking benadryl if I have stomach issues I was discharged and asked to return in a month.  My homework?  Seeing exactly which foods elicit illness.  Awesome.  Thankfully I don't have to eliminate ALL the foods on the list, but this next month will be a challenge to figure out which foods are safe and which are not.

Food Reactions:

Black pepper
Oats (most allergric reaction)

Hopefully this is a step in the right direction - it's been almost a week and so far only sick once though I have ZERO clue which food made me ill - I seriously ate five off the list that day, but thankfully the benadryl worked like a charm!  Next time I'll only take half though, I was out like a horse on tranquilizers.

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