Mid-week Thoughts

Feb 16, 2012

I'm elated to announce that thanks to my new accountability partner I have risen with only minor bitching and falling back asleep every morning this week at 5(ish) completing mat work (minus Tuesday which we took as a rest day), granted each workout was done in my pjs without shoes, but hey - potato, potatoe ok?  Now before you get all obvious, no, I haven't done any cardio this week save for an hour of yoga on Sunday - I am waking up at 5 am people, a feat that is extremely difficult since my alarm clock is in throwing distance.

How are we holding one another accountable you ask? We call one another and don't get off the phone until we are awake and outta bed. Its goes a bit like this:

5:00 am - cell alarm goes off
5:05 am - my phone is ringing (or I'm calling her)
5:05 am - it's SO early (both of us)
5:05 am - are you awake?
             -  yep, u?
             -  uh huh
5:05 am - we can so do this...I'm TOTALLY getting up
5:05 am - are you outta bed?
             -  My leg is...
5:05 am - Ok, I'm awake we got this!
             -  Talk to you tomorrow

And sometimes:
5:05 am - get back in bed and fall asleep for another 30 minutes then get up and squeeze in mat, and rush because now I'm late for work.

Although it is taking some adjusting, it is amazing how much time am workouts free up in the evening.  The first two nights I walked around in amazement that I didn't have a time schedule so tight there was no room for bathroom breaks. I'm hoping I can cement this morning routine so I can get in my entire workout...baby steps though - as we all can attest, nothing happens overnight.

I'll recap level 7 in a few days, along with my game plan for level 8, so until then...

Love & TAM,


  1. I totally agree about the am workouts! I have been slowly transitioning to them & it's so hard, but I do enjoy having my evenings back. Go you!

  2. 5 am is so early! Kudos to you for keeping up that willpower!

  3. Holy mackerel, I don't think I could get up at 5 AM - I might have to when I start working a second job, but that won't be until May, so I guess I'd better start getting used to it now ;) I need an accountability partner too...

    1. When you get ready to do am workouts let me know, we cna partner up!

  4. What a fabulous idea! Great blog, I've really enjoyed reading it :)


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