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Feb 27, 2012

What better way to further procrastinate the reading of SIX mind-numbing chapters of managerial economics than to catch up on my blog? Granted come Thursday when I need to kick my finals study session into full gear I'm going to be a raging lunatic (ok a bigger raging lunatic than I already am), but there's always tomorrow, right?  Level 7 went by rather uneventful.  Weight ranged from 119.0 - 121.6, took 4 rest days, the only cardio yet again was one 60 minute yoga class but I'm getting better so let's not dwell ok?! Side note: during my weekly yoga class @ Lululemon I succombed to the shopping beast that whispers to me all class long which ALWAYS ends with me mental shopping during savasana (what, like you don't?) and bought an uber cute Sigg water bottle and a fab jacket which I swear is made of seal blubber that bad boy is so warm.  Worth. Every. Penny. (read: who the hell spends that much for a zippered hoodie - ME).  
"I practice Yoga because it feels so damn good"
As promised, a snippet of all the things that pass my lips and attach themselves to my ass:

2/12 - I had a horrible upset stomach from the night before, but it had NOTHING to do with the fact I went to a piano bar last night and washed endless glasses of wine down with a stop by McDonald's on the way home, ha.  Lesson learned. I was so ill no food passed my lips until after five the next day...

Hot water w/ lemon (I drink this almost every a.m. 1st thing - see "eat" tab)
Pho ga (Vietnamese soup - think a mind blowing version of chicken noodle soup, but better), pork spring rolls (2), carrot ginger dressing, fortune cookies (2)

2/13 - I bought cupcakes from Jilly's (they won Food Network Cupcake Wars), and had the bright idea to eat the ENTIRE goes without saying I got sick.

Hot water w/ lemon
Choc granola, soy milk
Peanut butter chocolate chip Larabar (seriously these are like CRACK, I'm obsessed)
#15 from Jimmy John's on wheat (tuna with cheese, sprouts, tomato)

Yes, this cupcake is indeed as big as a bread plate...
Hot water, lemon
Chocolate banana shake (recipe under "eat" tab)
Cuban sandwich, (one tbsp each) potato salad, pasta salad, salad, choc covered strawberry
1/3 cookie
1/2 salad, pizza, 3 glasses wine

Hot water, lemon
Chicken, vegetable anf barley soup (from Trader Joe's - delish!), baby carrots
Peach, snack bag of hot fries 
Cupcakes - 2 (red velvet vegan - my sis made, SO yum)
Glass of wine

Hot water, lemon
1/2 banana (it was mushy - blech)
Starbucks Nonfat white choc mocha - grande
Chili, Memphis in may wrap on wheat (pulled pork w/ slaw)
Peanut butter choc chip larabar
Brown rice crispy treat (don't bother, its NOT the same)

Kashi cereal, soy milk
Spicy chicken sandwich, fries, BBQ sauce, diet lemonade (chick fila)
Mac and cheese (scratch made with whole wheat noodles - Yummers)

Peanut butter, brown rice cakes -2
Man n cheese (left overs)
Egg rolls -2, 1/2 order special fried rice w/ pepper, soy

Obviously, I was in desperate need to grocery shop hence all the take out...must do better next sequence (and actually do cardio) or the scale will never read those magic numbers...I read an article the other day about a runner who hasn't missed a run in...wait for it...25 years! How awesome is that? I hope one day I can get through an hour workout each day with optional rest days.  At this point its not just about the number on the scale, it means SO much more.  It's the time to myself, where I can reconnect with my body and do something for myself that ALWAYS lifts my mood and makes me feel invincible.  If a workout is missed it ends in fury and tears - the saying about you'll never regret a workout is SO true.  Now if only I can continue to make baby steps toward making my workout an automatic everyday no brainer...

Now for some fun finds:

irunurun is a great app to track progress on your goals and hold yourself (and your friends) accountable.  If you want to be accountabilty partners (on irunurun or in general) let me know, it's amazing how your workout is no longer optional when someone else is watching you.

For those who struggle to wake up for early is Wake Up Dialer, just plug in your phone number and time you wanna rise and shine - viola, FREE wake up call!

Need help counting your Calories? Big shout out to Jen who posted this on her blog, it calculates not only your daily calories,  separating if you want to maintain, or lose weight, but charts out your week in intervals too! Genius!

Thanks to Amy I read this great article about food habits.  Check it out and let me know, are you a  Moderator or Abstainer? It goes without saying I'm an abstainer - one french fry and its all over.

On to level 8. 

Love & TAM,


  1. You're making me hungry! I love your recipes page, can't wait to try the recipes, especially the chocolate banana shake. I did read Tracy's holiday RX blog entry but there was so much text and the recipes seemed so complicated I must have brushed over the easier ones. Your recipes page is so much easier to read. Thanks!

    1. haha, I'm perpetually hungry. Thanks for the compliment - I'm OCD if you couldn't tell ;)

  2. Marcia, thanks for using IRUNURUN and mentioning it in your blog. We hope the app is helping you be more focused, consistent, and accountable...the perfect recipe to get on and stay on the journey to greatness. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you! -Travis


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