3 Day Juice Cleanse

Jul 8, 2012

I won't lie, the scale still taunts me.  But after a conversation with a friend who harpooned me for weighing myself everyday I've scaled back to once a week.  Gotta admit, it made a difference in my outlook.  So now I "try"to go by how I feel, and most of all, how large the truffle shuffle is.  Small? Keep up the good work.  Large and in charge?  Get to work and put down the Chubby Hubby...thankfully the fantastic lady at the DMV entered in my goal weight (no, I did not pay her - she guessed on her own) so really since it's on my license that makes it official, right?

After purchasing the 3 Day Cleanse and reading every word as if he held the secret to life - highlighting, AND taking copious notes, I embarked on a grocery store journey reminiscent of boot camp and metamorphosis proportions and bought all the supplies for my cleanse. I purposely chose foods that I could get more than one use out of to save $$, but in the end I still piled my cart to the brim and spent about $100 - but that was for 2 days pre cleanse, the 3 day cleanse, then 2 post day cleanse (7 days total) per the book to ease your body back into solid food.

My fridge - ready for the cleanse

(Pre Cleanse)

Day #1:
-Hot water with lemon - they also believe you should begin your day with this; I can tell a difference
-Hot green tea
-Two bananas
-Green Market Salad with Vinaigrette - GIANT salad; dressing makes enough for a few salads so use sparingly or your salad will swim
-Veggie Tacos with Guacamole (3) - Veggie party in my mouth. Will make again.

Day #2:
-Hot water with lemon
-Hot Green tea
-Two apples
-Jimmy John 1/4 sandwich, choc chip cookie, jalapeno potato chips (work seminar; had to improvise lunch)
-Spicy edamame hummus with carrot chips - super flavorful and filling

Edamame Hummus with Carrot Chips

(The Cleanse)

Being my first cleanse (second if you count my try with Kaeng Raeng) I chose the Foundation Cleanse which consists of 3 fruit juices (Blackberry Peach, Vanilla Banana Cinnamon, Pineapple Mint), 2 green juices (Spinach Blueberry Apple Lemon, Greens with Apple), to be consumed one hour apart throughout the day and 1 nut milk (Raw Chocolate) to be consumed 2 hours before bed.

Day #1:
Prepped two juices the night before, but my genius self decided to juice in the am - like I don't have enough trouble waking up on time as it is?! Did I mention I've never used my juicer before?  Fun times.  It was actually crazy easy, prepping the produce took the longest surprisingly.

Juice Lineup
-Hot water with lemon
-Spinach, Blueberry, Lemon - HEAVEN; had it once I got to work
-Hot green tea
-Blackberry Peach - A fruity surprise; tad seedy though (11:15 am)
-Banana Vanilla (2:45 pm) - Sweet, dessert in a glass
-Greens w/ apple (4:15 pm)
-Pineapple Mint (9:00 pm) - AMAZEBALLS

Pineapple Mint
-Raw choc milk (10:00 pm) - Best night cap. EVER

Raw Chocolate Milk
By the time bed time rolled around I was exhausted, and the chocolate milk capped off my day better than a glass of wine.  I slept like a baby.

Day #2:
Maybe I was hallucinating, but my skin felt like butter - super soft and I could see the circles under my eyes fading.

-Juices repeated; though I mixed up the flavors at varying times as not to get bored, gotta keep those taste buds guessing!

Day #3:
This day was an epic prep fail because I lost my juicing momentum and failed to prep the night before. Cut to the morning, I'm running late for work (surprise, surprise), and my juicing lacked measurements and patience, thus leading to less than the required 16oz per juice.

 (Post Cleanse)

Day #1:
-Strawberry Mint Salad (from TAM)

-Cucumber Soup - looks odd, but super yummy, full of flavor

Day #2:
-To be honest, I have no recollection of what I ate on this day...

Lessons Learned:

-Defrost frozen fruit. It doesn't juice otherwise
-Juices taste best ice cold
-Ease into and out of the cleanse; your stomach will thank you
-Prep in advance; it makes a difference
-Be prepared to pee; ALOT

With regards to pre cleanse, in addition to the menu I also weened off coffee (a giant feat while in grad school). Throughout this entire experience I did not workout (which is why I cleansed, grad school was really taking a toll on mind and body and I had to do something). Not once was I hungry (even on day three juice fail), and every recipe I tried in the book was fantastic. My skin felt incredible. Body - lighter. Mood lifted, sanity - restored.  Total weight loss: 4 pounds.

Verdict: Juice me, anytime :)

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