August 27th

Jul 31, 2012

Yep, you guessed it. 

Lazy, wine guzzling, OCD/slacker who has yet to complete the last 4 days Level 11 of TAM Abcentric Continuity and instead of confessing this AGES ago after my last post (a month of Sundays have passed), I've been on a blog strike, yeah, that sounds like me (raising hand: Hi, my name is Marcia, and I'm a total all or nothing TAM slacker).  My punishment? No TAM workout = No blog. Never mind the fact that I'm running to train for my half marathon in December and that constitutes as exercise. In my brain no one wants to hear about my non workouts and shit that "should" be done when I could post all the fantastic progress I've been making and post pictures documenting that I appear as if I have NEVER encountered a bread basket I didn't love, a bottle of wine that did not become my new bff, or a dessert that "couldn't" be wasted and not the complete opposite. Apparently not blogging meant not  admitting to myself that I've let an excuse for everything come between me and actual workouts - "happy hour, I'm there", "Bad day? I got wine", "Date? I'm free", "DVR is full? Better clear it out",  I know, it makes zero sense, but that was my mindset. Obviously Me, Myself, and I was the ONLY person who wanted an "all glitter, bubbles, and rainbows" post about my journey, and not the God awful truth - I just plain didn't even try. At all. Not even a little bit.  Unless thinking about working out with purpose in passing counts...

Fast forward to my impending milestone birthday and as I bounce from "It's just another birthday" to "Holy shit, this a is a big one, how in Satan's fiery inferno did it creep up so fast" - then burst into a meltdown reminiscent of a two year old's temper tantrum, tears included, I've decided since there's no denying the fact that my birthday is speedily approaching - instead of focusing on the calendar (July 31st), and how many days there are until my "Dirty Thirty" (28), I will focus on things within my realm of control - crazy huh? 

So, without further adieu, for the next TWENTY SEVEN days I WILL be channeling every atom of my being (all the bitching, crying about my age, couch laden evenings I deem as "rest days", lazy days that end in "Y", and friend crisis that really are just excuses to drink copious amounts of wine and chit chat) into working out, so that when 11:59pm on Aug 26th finally arrives and there are mere seconds separating my late twenties and the official entry into my thirties, at least I'll feel good knowing I gave it my absolute all - and hopefully look fierce to boot.

The details of the grandiose plan are simple: TAM Mat, Running, Ab work, Yoga - plus anything else I can jam into this category that constitutes exercise and works up a sweat. 

My promise to you (and myself): a blog each day beginning August 1st no matter how brief, non-upbeat, or simply dreadful in progress it may be. This is also permission for you lovely folks to stalk me if I don't/haven't blogged in what you feel is a reasonable amount of time - FREE range to kick my ass, verbally of course :)

Surely I cannot be the first person in the world to have a meltdown over 30 - right? Any stories, words of wisdom, or anything that has to do with THIRTY would certainly keep this happy, yet somewhat skeptical almost birthday girl from going into hiding and potentially wearing mu mu's for the rest of my life on earth would be greatly appreciated. HELP!

Here goes nothing,

Love & TAM,


  1. Daw-link! 30 is a snap. I know it feels huge, but trust me babe, the best is yet to come.

    1. Thx love! I have equal bouts of joy and terrified - I'm like a one woman show of personalities...

  2. 30 is the new 21...haven't you heard? :)


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